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Yale SOM Speaker Series

Each year, dozens of global leaders and decision makers visit campus to share insights and engage with students, staff and faculty.

April 9, 2024. Colloquium on Entrepreneurship: A Conversation with Jen Wong YC '96, COO of Reddit

Leaders Forum

The Leaders Forum brings the heads of organizations from across all sectors to Edward P. Evans Hall for discussions about the challenges and opportunities of leadership

Dr. Vivek H. Murthy MD ’03/MBA ’03, U.S. Surgeon General, September 8, 2022
Jorge Lemann, Founder and Chairman of the Board, Lemann Foundation: November 9, 2021
Mikhail Fridman, Co-Founder of LetterOne: April 22, 2021
Robert Isom, President of American Airlines: March 30, 2021
John Rogers, Chairman, Co-CEO and Chief Investment Officer, Ariel Investments: January 22, 2021
Randal K. Quarles, Vice Chair for Supervision, Board of Governors, Federal Reserve System: May 7, 2019
Jim Snabe, Chairman of the board of A.P. Moller-Maersk A/S (DK), Nov. 21, 2019
Kevin Sneader, Global Managing Partner, McKinsey & Company R. Peter Straus, April 18, 2019
Rupert Murdoch, Executive Chairman of News Corp and Co-Chairman of Fox Corporation, October 5, 2018
Farooq Kashwari, President and CEO, Ethan Allen Interiors Inc., February 21, 2019
Mark Fields, Former CEO, Ford Motor Company: October 12, 2017
Pervez Musharraf, Former President of Pakistan: April 24, 2017
Indra K. Nooyi ’80, Chairman and CEO of PepsiCo, Inc.: November 10, 2016
Daniel K. Tarullo, Member of the Board of Governors, Federal Reserve System: September 26, 2016
Jed Bernstein ’79, former President of Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts & Daniel Weiss '85, President of the Metropolitan Museum of Art: April 26, 2016
Frances Beinecke YC ’71, FES ’74, Former President of the Natural Resources Defense Council and McCluskey Fellow at Yale University: November 5, 2015
Valerie Jarrett, White House Council on Women and Girls: October 9, 2015
Vivek Murthy MBA/MD ’03, Surgeon General of the United States: September 16, 2015
Austin Ligon ’80, CarMax: August 20, 2015

Becton Fellowship Program

The Becton Fellowship Program was established at the Yale School of Management in 1980 by Becton, Dickinson & Co., a leading global medical instruments supplier, in honor of Henry P. Becton ’37 B.S., company chairman (1961-1987), to bring practitioners from private and public institutions to share their professional insights with faculty and students.

Jeff Hoffman YC ’83, December 9, 2020 
Laura Walker ’87, founding President and CEO of NY Public Radio, May 5, 2020 
Richard Spencer, 76th Secretary of the Navy, February 6, 2020 
Batia Wiesenfeld, Adre J.L. Koo Professor of Management and Chair of the Dept. of Management and Organizations at the Leonard N. Stern School of Business, NYU : April 25, 2019 
Andrea Levere ’83, Executive Fellow for the International Center for Finance, April 23, 2020 
Ayelet Fishbach, Visiting Professor of Professor of Behavioral Science and Marketing, Yale School of Management. February 27, 2019 
Rebecca L. Spang, Visiting Fellow & Visiting Professor of History. February 7, 2019 
Ursula Burns, Executive Chairman, VEON and Former CEO, Xerox Corporation. April 30, 2018 
Alan Murray, Chief Content Officer, Time, Inc., April 12, 2018 
Martin Sorrell, Founder and CEO, WPP: April 9, 2018  
Paul Polman, CEO of Unilever: April 11, 2017 
Adriana Cisneros, CEO and Vice Chairman, Cisneros: January 31, 2017 
Neal Keny-Guyer ’82, CEO, Mercy Corps: November 3, 2016 
Joe Tsai YC ’86, LAW ’90, Executive Vice Chairman, Alibaba Group: September 30, 2016 
William L. McComb, former CEO at Fifth & Pacific Companies, Inc.: April 27, 2016 
Dominic Barton, Global Managing Director, McKinsey & Company: February 4, 2016 
Cathy Ashton, Former High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy and First Vice President of the European Commission: September 29, 2015

Convening Yale

Convening Yale presents talks by faculty and leaders from throughout Yale University, who share their research and expertise and help students broaden their understanding of an increasingly complex world. The Convening Yale series is made possible through the generous support of the Robert J. Silver ’50 Fund for Innovation in Management Education.

Justin Driver, Robert R. Slaughter Professor of Law at Yale Law School: February 27, 2024
David Blight, Sterling Professor of History and Director of the Gilder Lehrman Center for the Study of Slavery, Resistance, and Abolition at Yale University: Nov. 9, 2020
Nisheeth Vishnoi, Professor of Computer Science and a co-founder of the Computation and Society Initiative at Yale University, Sept. 23, 2020
Daniel Markovitz, Guido Calabresi Professor of Law at Yale Law School and Founding Director of the Center for the Study of Private Law: December 9, 2019 
Mark Gerstein, Albert L. Williams Professor of Biomedical Informatics, April 23, 2019
Amy Hungerford, Dean of the Humanities Division, Bird White Housum Professor of English, Professor of American Studies, March 27, 2019
Elijah Anderson, William K. Lanman, Jr. Professor of Sociology and Professor of African American Studies, February 28, 2018
Jonathon Howard, Eugene Higgins Professor of Molecular Biophysics & Biochemistry and Professor of Physics, November 28, 2018
Tamar Szabó Gendler, Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, February 14, 2018
Crystal Feimster, Associate Professor in African American Studies Department, American Studies Program, & History Department, February 6, 2018
Steven Wilkinson, The Nilekani Professor of India and South Asian Studies and Professor of Political Science and International Affairs at Yale, December 7, 2017
James Forman Jr. LAW ’92, Professor of Law at Yale Law School, October 4, 2017
Michael Veal, Professor of Music, African-American Studies and American Studies: April 25, 2017
Tracey Meares, Professor, Yale Law School: March 2, 2017
Priya Natarajan, Professor of Astronomy & Physics: November 29, 2016
Nicholas Christakis, Sol Goldman Family Professor of Social and Natural Science: November 8, 2016
Robert C. Post, Dean and Sol & Lillian Goldman Professor of Law: October 24, 2016
Jacob Hacker, Stanley Resor Professor of Political Science and Director of the Institution for Social and Policy Studies at Yale University: October 4, 2016
Beverly Gage, Professor of 20th-century American History: September 29, 2016
John Fabian Witt YC ’94, LAW ’99, PhD ’00: April 21, 2016
Emma Sky, author of The Unraveling: High Hopes and Missed Opportunities in Iraq: April 11, 2016
Helen Siu, Professor of Anthropology: April 22, 2015
Donald Kagan, Sterling Professor of Classics and History: April 8, 2015
Dean Takahashi YC ’80, MPPM ’83, Yale Investments Office: February 4, 2015
Jenifer Van Vleck, Assistant Professor of History and American Studies: February 12, 2015
Heather Gerken, J. Skelly Wright Professor of Law at Yale Law School: October 29, 2014 

Dean's Distinguished Lecture Series

Inaugurated in 2023, the Dean's Distinguished Lecture Series is guided by the Yale School of Management’s mission of educating leaders for business and society, Dean Kerwin K. Charles’s Distinguished Lecture Series showcases a diverse group of eminent practitioners, across a variety of fields—with a focus on approaching wide-ranging issues of import through a professional and personal lens.

Gordon Grand Fellowship Lecture at Yale

Named for Gordon Grand YC ’38, the former president and CEO of Olin Corporation, the Gordon Grand Fellowship Series promotes the exchange of ideas between business and academia by inviting business leaders to visit Yale for discussions with students and faculty.

Anne Wojcicki YC '96, CEO and Co-Founder of 23andMe: October 8, 2020
Bertrand-Marc Allen YLS ’02, President, Boeing International. January 29, 2019
Victoria B. Mars YC ’78, Chairman of Mars, Inc: January 25, 2017
Danny Meyer, CEO, Union Square Hospitality Group: April 7, 2015

R. Peter Straus Lecture Series

Named for R. Peter Straus YC ’44, a pioneer in public-service radio, the R. Peter Straus Lecture Series presents talks by prominent individuals on topics that relate to the press and public responsibility.

Mark Hestergaard, Journalist, Co-Founder and Executive Director, Covering Climate Now. April 4, 2024
Erica Green, Correspondent New York Times, April 13, 2021 
David Leonhardt YC'94, Pulitzer Prize-Winning Columnist, New York Times: November 30, 2017 
Donald Gips '89, Former U.S. Ambassador to South Africa: February 27, 2017 
Gillian Tett, U.S. Managing Editor, Financial Times: April 6, 2016 
Fareed Zakaria YC '86: Journalist, Host of CNN’s flagship foreign affairs show, Washington Post Columnist. April 21, 2015 
Thomas Friedman, New York Times columnist and Pulitzer Prize-Winning Author: April 1, 2014

Poynter Fellowship Lecture

The Poynter Fellowship in Journalism brings to the Yale campus distinguished reporters, editors, and others who have made important contributions to the media.

Jim Sciutto, CNN Chief National Security Correspondent Colloquium on Business and Society, October 30, 2019
Laszlo Bock ’99, CEO and co-founder of HUMU, February 19, 2019
Amy Entelis, Executive Vice President for Talent and Content Development, CNN Worldwide. April 5, 2018
Jack Ewing, European Economics Correspondent, New York Times: October 10, 2017
Chuck Todd, NBC News Political Director, Moderator of “Meet the Press”.  April 28, 2016
Della Bradshaw, Financial Times: February 3, 2015


The Colloquium in Advanced Management provides Master of Advanced Management students the opportunity to meet with accomplished professionals in small-setting, off-the-record conversations about topical issues and enduring life lessons. Past speakers have included social entrepreneurs, high-ranking government officials, activists, and CEOs of multinationals.


Patrick Struebi, Founder and CEO, Fairtrasa: October 6
Steven Kauderer, Bain & Co: September 25
Danny Weissberg, cofounder and CEO, Voiceitt & Sara Smolley, head of business development North America, Voiceitt: April 12, 2016

A series of candid talks with leaders of major investment funds, heads of hedge funds, practitioners, and senior research faculty shaping the field.

David Swensen
, Chief Investment Officer, Yale University: April 7, 2017
Takehiro Sato, Member of the Policy Board, Bank of Japan: March 28, 2017 (Yale SOM)
Marina Niessner, Assistant Professor of Finance, Yale School of Management: February 17, 2017
Paul Marcussen, Senior Portfolio Manager, Head of Market Allocation & Head of NY Office, Norges Bank Investment Management: January 20, 2017
Patrick Sweeny, Principal and Co-Founder, Symmetry Partners, LLC: December 2, 2016
Deborah Spalding, Chief Investment Officer, State of Connecticut, Office of the Treasurer: November 18, 2016
Osman Nalbantoglu, Management Committee Member, Bridgewater Associates: October 7, 2016
David Kupersmith, Managing Director and Vice President, AQR Capital Management, LLC: September 9, 2016

The EMBA Global Perspectives Colloquium is a series of interactive sessions featuring speakers who address geopolitical issues and international affairs.

Mellody Hobson, President of Ariel Investments, February 2, 2018
Aubrey Hruby, Co-Founder of the Africa Expert Network (AXN): April 21, 2017
John L.S. Simpkins, General Counsel of USAID: February 3, 2017
Ehsan Masood, Science Writer, Journalist, Broadcaster. Author: The Great Invention: The Story of GDP and the Making and Unmaking of the Modern World (2016): October 21, 2016
Finbarr O’Reilly, Yale World Fellow, photographer and journalist: September 18, 2015
Graeme Wood, Correspondent for The Atlantic, and the Edward R. Murrow Press Fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations. He is a lecturer in political science at Yale Univ.: February 5, 2016
Palan Mulonda, Ambassador of the Republic of Zambia to the U.S.: April 1, 2016
David Cameron, Yale Professor of Political Science and Director of European Union Studies: September 23, 2016

A series of candid talks with thought leaders from the healthcare industry, including leaders of hospitals; CEOs of medical device, insurance, and drug companies; policymakers;and other experts shaping the field.

Fred Aslan, MD, MBA (YSM ’02), Vice President, Venrock, Founder and CEO, ADVANCE Medical: February 17, 2017
Elizabeth Bradley, PhD, MBA, Brady-Johnson Professor of Grand Strategy, Professor of Public Health; and Faculty Director of the Yale Global Health Leadership Institute, Yale School of Public Health: February 17, 2017
 Jessica J. Federer (YSPH ’08), Chief Digital Officer, Bayer: January 20, 2017
Bob Katter, MBA (SOM ’89), Executive VP of Marketing, Sales, Business Development, Customer Relations, First Databank: December 2, 2016
Nirav R. Shah, MD, MPH (YSM/YSPH ’98), Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Clinical Operations, Kaiser Permanente, Southern California Region: November 18, 2016
Andrew K. Bhak,  Managing Director, Investment Banking, J.P. Morgan: October 7, 2016
Carolyn M. Clancy, MD, Deputy Under Secretary for Health for Organizational Excellence US Department of Veteran Affairs: September 9, 2016

A series of candid talks with innovators, leaders of global corporations, policymakers, and other experts who are proving the business case for advancing sustainability in all industries. 


Huub Savelkouls, Vice President of Strategic Policy Initiatives, Philip Morris International: April 7, 2017
John Warner, President & Chief Technology Officer, The Warner Babcock Institute for Green Chemistry, LLC: March 3, 2017
Craig Cogut, Founder and President, Pegasus Capital Advisors: February 17, 2017
Stuart DeCew, Program Director, Yale Center for Business and the Environment: January 20, 2017
Robert Bettigole, Managing Partner, Elm Street Ventures December 2, 2016
Julia Marton, Former General Director International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN): November 18, 2016
Peter Boyd, Executive Fellow, Yale Center for Business and the Environment: October 7, 2016
Amy Knight, Senior Director of Corporate Social Responsibility Hasbro, Inc.: September 9, 2016

The Colloquium on Education is a visiting speaker series that connects SOM students and others at Yale with leaders in education.

The Colloquium on Business and Society welcomes alumni and other practitioners and experts in a variety of fields to discuss issues at the nexus of business and society.

Claude Grunitzky, CEO, The Equity Alliance, and Founder, TRUE Africa, April 7, 2021
Viral Acharya, Deputy Governor of Reserve Bank of India: February 27, 2018
Hani Al-Qadi, CEO and General Manager, Arab Jordan Investment Bank: March 2, 2017
Tim Wollaeger ’66 BA, Managing Director, Sanderling Ventures: December 8, 2016
Gita Wirjawan, founder of Ancora Group and former trade minister of Indonesia: October 22, 2015

The GE Colloquium in Sustainability Leadership brings business professionals and thought leaders to campus to help students understand the challenges of achieving sustainability, and to provide them with necessary skills to prepare for careers in this emerging sector.

Supported by the Sabin Sustainable Venture Prize, this series features diverse speakers who reflect on their entrepreneurial endeavors and discuss opportunities for sustainable outcomes while working in urban environments.

The Colloquium on Marketing Leadership brings leaders in marketing, insights, and innovation together with students and faculty to share personal perspectives on their careers, companies, and industries. It explores the latest challenges, opportunities, and developments in the world of marketing, from a wide variety of disciplines, perspectives, and backgrounds.


Linda Kaplan Thaler, Former Chair of Publicis Kaplan Thaler: April 13, 2016
John Frascotti, President of Hasbro Brands: April 9, 2015

The ICF Colloquium on Asset Management provides a forum for leaders in the asset management industry to share their experiences and insights on a wide range of topics with students pursuing careers in the asset management industry. Featured speakers include portfolio managers from hedge funds and investment management firms, private equity investment professionals, and leading scholars in the field.

Ed Morris,
Author of Wall Streeters: The Creators and Corruptors of American Finance with William H. Donaldson.  October 26, 2016
The Dynamism of Chinese Markets: A Panel with Lei Zhang '02: April 27, 2015
David Booth, Chairman and Co-Chief Executive Officer, Dimensional Fund Advisors: April 1, 2015
Robert Shiller, Sterling Professor of Economics, Yale University: March 6, 2015
David Swensen, Chief Investment Officer, Yale University: February 6, 2015
Sandra Urie, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Cambridge Associates: April 24, 2015

The Colloquium on Entrepreneurship connects founders, innovators, and entrepreneurs with students and faculty for candid discussions on innovation, iteration, and team building, and provides frank advice for Yale students considering launching their own ventures. The series takes a close look at the unique issues facing entrepreneurs and allows students to cultivate strong relationships for future partnerships.


Jen Wong YC '96, Chief Operating Officer, Reddit. April 9, 2024
Kara Goldin, Founder and CEO of Hint, December 14, 2020
Antoine van Agtmael MA '70 and Fred Bakker, authors of The Smartest Places on Earth: Why Rustbelts are the Emerging Hotspots of Global Innovation: March 30, 2016

The China India Insights Colloquium promotes an understanding of emerging economies, with a focus on Chinese and Indian markets. The series is designed to create exchange of ideas between leading-edge business practitioners and Yale MBA students on topics relevant to marketing and business strategy in emerging markets.

The Colloquium on the Behavioral Science of Philanthropy showcases marketing leaders who are changing charitable giving with innovative platforms, programs, and communications that attract new donors, reengage current donors, and increase repeat donations. It explores the existing and potential impact of consumer understanding and behavioral science on charitable giving and donor relations, and develops a deeper understanding of the marketing challenges and opportunities of donor relations and charitable giving.

Katy Davis ’12, ideas42: December 5, 2016
Dean Karlan, Professor of Economics, Yale University: February 17, 2016

The Colloquium on Social Media invites speakers to explore trends and discuss topics in social media as it relates to business and society.

David Wertime YC ’01, Foreign Policy:  April 25, 2016
Ragy Thomas, Sprinklr, May 9, 2016

Sustainability metrics is a work in progress, but solutions are beginning to emerge. This series brings to campus practitioners who are working to overcome challenges and create systems to develop comparable metrics within and across sectors.

The PSEII Speaker Series brings Yale SOM alumni and other prominent leaders in the social sector to Evans Hall to speak to students about the domestic and global landscape of social entrepreneurship. Speakers explore challenges and opportunities in bringing business skills and market disciplines to bear on major social issues, including economic development, education, healthcare and sustainable energy.

Kenneth C. Griffin, Founder and CEO, Citadel: April 12, 2023 
Mellody Hobson, President, Ariel Investments: February 2, 2018