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Digital Programs

Bringing Yale Executive Education to You.

Covering a wide range of topics, Yale School of Management Executive Education’s collection of online executive programs thoughtfully weaves cutting-edge faculty research with the latest online learning tools to create accessible and meaningful programs. 

Designed by Yale faculty, our programs are driven by the needs of the online learner. Flexibility, applied learning projects, myriad learning tools, opportunities to interact, research-backed insights with real-world applications, networking opportunities: each program is crafted to best connect our learning objectives with the needs of working professionals.

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Explore our online programs. Using the Program Finder, filter the Modality by ‘Online’ and ‘Live online’ to see what’s available.

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Two Ways to Learn Online

We currently offer two types of online programs: those that are delivered live and those that are cohort-based asynchronous.

Live online Online
Summary Live online programs are delivered in real-time. Participants, faculty, and our staff engage in lively discussions and thoughtful lectures during a pre-established time period. Our asynchronous online programs are crafted to fit into your schedule while keeping you on track. The course will guide you and your peers, week-by-week, through new material, steadily progressing to ensure you achieve the learning objectives.
Participation expectations Participants of our live online programs come ready to learn and interact. These programs are designed to challenge attendees, demanding the same rigorous attention one may expect from a program held in person. Our cohort-based asynchronous online programs are for those who want to commit to achieving a learning goal in a preset timeline. New material is released weekly, requiring participants to stay on top of learning material and assignments.
Program collaborator None Learn more about our program collaborators, 2U/GetSmarter and ExecOnline, below.
Hourly commitment 6-8 hours/week 6-8 hours/week
Length 6-8 weeks 6-8 weeks
Time zone Eastern Daylight Time Not applicable
Live sessions For program lectures, all participants are required to log in at the same time to participate. With live online networking events, attendance is optional. Any live networking sessions offered are optional.
Ways to engage during the program This is not your typical Zoom lecture. This is something special. The live online format creates a highly engaging environment where participants are an active part of the program. Participant profile galleries within our learning platform help learners discover what they have in common with others. Break-out activities bring small, varied groups of people together in meaningful ways. Because new material is released weekly, everyone in your learning cohort is working through the same material and assignments at the same time. Get to know your peers and seek their feedback using the tutor-moderated discussion boards. Run into a challenge? Ask the program’s dedicated success managers and head tutors for assistance. Our asynchronous programs use a variety of learning tools, like readings, lectures, and interactive videos to help you find ways to engage with the material in ways that make sense for you.
Networking and post-program Unique networking activities drive social connection among your cohort to deepen learning. Many of these budding connections bloom into what become lasting relationships. Participants often take advantage of the tools we provide to meet up with one another and continue growing together long after the program’s end. Completion of the program also entitles you to join Yale Executive Education’s exclusive community LinkedIn Group. Participants of 2U programs gain unlimited access to 2U’s Career Engagement Network. This platform will provide you with career resources and events to support your professional journey. Benefits include rich content, career templates, webinars, workshops, career fairs, networking events, panel discussions, and exclusive recruitment opportunities to connect with potential employers. Completion of the program also entitles you to join Yale Executive Education’s exclusive community LinkedIn Group.

Program Collaborators

We work closely with established online learning providers, ExecOnline and 2U/GetSmarter, to thoughtfully deliver our faculty’s research and teaching.

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Together with 2U/GetSmarter we curate our faculty’s expertise into cohort-based asynchronous short courses that last between 6-8 weeks. The courses are designed with professionals in mind and optimized to fit into busy lifestyles. Each participant is assigned a Success Adviser and is offered 24/7 assistance. Participants access course material by logging into 2U/GetSmarter’s learning platform. Learn more about 2U/GetSmarter.

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ExecOnline delivers high-impact, equitable online leadership development to prepare leaders for the future and accelerate key business initiatives. Together with ExecOnline, we offer 3- and 6-week programs that take an integrated approach to learning including short video lectures, interactive projects, and live sessions with Yale professors. Participants access course material by logging into ExecOnline’s learning platform. Learn more about ExecOnline.