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Digital Programs

Online Learning at Yale SOM Executive Education

Our work doesn’t stop at the edge of campus. Covering a wide range of topics, Yale School of Management Executive Education’s collection of online executive programs thoughtfully weave cutting-edge faculty research with the latest online learning tools to create accessible and meaningful program experiences.

Beginning with online perspectives and environments, our programs are driven by the needs of the online learner. We’ve combined the latest in digital learning understanding and technology with the expertise and experience of our acclaimed faculty to design a suite of programs that deliver quality learning without compromise.

We currently offer two types of online programs, those that are delivered live and those that are self-paced.

Synchronous: Live, Online Programs

Live, online programs are delivered in real-time. Participants, faculty, and our staff engage in lively discussions and thoughtful lectures during a pre-established time period. We expect participants of our live, online programs to come ready to learn and interact. These programs are designed to challenge attendees, delivering the same rigorous thought and relevant takeaways one may expect from a program held in person.

This past year has shattered so many of our assumptions when it comes to learning. One of the most surprising realizations to many is that real, authentic, and deep connections can and do happen online. This is not your typical Zoom lecture. This is something special.

This live online format creates a highly engaging environment where participants are an active part of the program. Participant profile galleries within our learning platform enable learners to discover what they have in common with others. Break out activities bring small, varied groups of people together in meaningful ways. Unique networking activities drive social connection with other passionate professionals to deepen learning and many of these budding connections bloom into what become lasting relationships. Participants often take advantage of the tools we provide to meet up with one another and continue growing together long after the program’s end. Come immerse yourself in both content and networking with our live online delivery.

Asynchronous: Self-Paced, Online Programs

Hosted with our digital program collaborators, ExecOnline and GetSmarter, our asynchronous, online programs are crafted to fit into your schedule while keeping you on track. The course will guide you, week-by-week, through new material, steadily progressing to ensure you achieve your learning objectives. A variety of learning tools, like readings, lectures, interactive videos, and discussion boards, along with program-specific learning success teams are on hand to help you find new ways into the lessons. These programs commonly require 6-8 hours every week, but when those 6-8 hours occur is up to you. We offer online programs across a broad range of topics, like Negotiations, Digital Marketing, and Healthcare Management.