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Internship Spotlight

We asked rising second-year MBA students to check in from their summer internships, where they are applying the lessons of their first year at Yale SOM.

Laurence sitting at desk in KIPP DC office
November 06, 2023 The Broad Center Blog

Internship Spotlight: Laurence Spekterman ’24, KIPP DC

Laurence Spekterman ’24 looks at his summer internship, where he applied the business and management skills he learned in the classroom in an education context.

Daniel Joseph
September 22, 2023 MBA Blog

Internship Spotlight: Daniel Joseph ’24, Nike, Inc.

Daniel Joseph ’24 says participating in the YCCI Discovery Project provided the solid foundation in marketing he needed to succeed in a summer internship with Nike’s Global Consumer Insights Organization.

Ray Mattioli and friends near the waterfront
September 07, 2023 MBA Blog

Internship Spotlight: Ray Mattioli ’24, Two Oceans Aquarium Foundation

Ray Mattioli ’24 says leaning into what he learned in the core curriculum helped him succeed in a summer internship in the sustainability space.

Edison Siu
August 28, 2023 MBA Blog

Internship Spotlight: Edison Siu ’24, J.P. Morgan Private Bank

Edison Siu ’24 says the skills learned in his Negotiations and Behavioral Finance courses helped when working at J.P. Morgan Private Bank this summer.

Kevin Moss
August 25, 2023 MBA Blog

Internship Spotlight: Kevin Moss ’24, Connecticut Green Bank

Kevin Moss ’24 on helping the Connecticut Green Bank develop a strategy to support priority clean transportation technologies.

Craig Miranda in front of Actis sign
August 24, 2023 MBA Blog

Internship Spotlight: Craig Miranda ’24, Actis

Craig Miranda ’24 on learning about infrastructure sub-sectors in India, meeting with industry leaders, and working on a diversity initiative during a summer internship at Actis.

Leigh and goop boss Tyler
August 17, 2023 MBA Blog

Internship Spotlight: Leigh Bushnell ’24, Goop

Leigh Bushnell ’24 discusses leaning heavily on her behavioral economics coursework during her internship at the beauty and wellness brand. 

Ice cream at Cuyahoga Valley National Park Visitor Center
August 04, 2023 MBA Blog

Internship Spotlight: Katya Wendt ’24, National Park Service

Katya Wendt ’24 on making an impact through her mission-driven internship with the National Park Service.

MiChaela Barker and another person working on computers
July 28, 2023 MBA Blog

Internship Spotlight: MiChaela Barker ’24, Yale Ventures

MiChaela Barker ’24 on the opportunity to engage with the wider Yale community and gain experience in venture capital through her internship with Yale Ventures. 

Kelsey Niehoff, Jackie Peszynski, Daniel Joseph at Nike’s 2023 Intern Orientation
July 21, 2023 MBA Blog

Internship Spotlight: Kelsey Niehoff ’24, Nike, Inc.

Kelsey Niehoff ’24 on working to improve sustainability and embracing sport as a daily habit as an intern at Nike.