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Our mission is to educate leaders for business & society. The drive to build successful organizations that make a difference inspires our curriculum, our approach to research, and our community.

We seek students who care deeply about the problems afflicting our world. 

We equip them with the knowledge, the resources, and the networks to pursue positive and ambitious change.

Our Community

Evi Lowman

Evi Lowman ’24

Preview image for the video "A Day in the Life: Hana Ezaldein ’24".
We spent a day with MBA student Hana Ezaldein ’24 as she went to class, hung out with friends, and explored New Haven.

We should be covering climate change like the emergency that science says it is. It’s an emergency because we have to act very rapidly or it’s going to be too late.

Yale’s Asset Management program was the only one that combined quantitative study with the ability to take MBA classes to refine my business skills. Through competitions, industry events, and the Asset Management Colloquium, I’ve met investors with many different strategies, which has been extremely important in helping me learn which style of investing best fits my goals and skills.

Krishna Polavarapu ’24