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Our mission is to educate leaders for business & society. The drive to build successful organizations that make a difference inspires our curriculum, our approach to research, and our community.

We seek students who care deeply about the problems afflicting our world. 

We equip them with the knowledge, the resources, and the networks to pursue positive and ambitious change.

Our Community

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Stephanie Kim ’24

To attend Yale SOM, Anran Cai ’24 moved to the United States for the first time. A supportive cohort made the transition an easy one.

What a treat to come to campus, feel the mission-driven spark, and get a chance, to help someone else carve her path. This course is a focused exploration of inclusive economic development and the kind of public-private ventures that can make a difference.

As a child of immigrants who moved every few years, I witnessed the stark contrasts in socioeconomic status and the challenges faced by underrepresented communities. I saw that while talent is equally distributed, opportunity is not. I want to use my education and experiences to help level the playing field. 

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