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Our mission is to educate leaders for business & society. The drive to build successful organizations that make a difference inspires our curriculum, our approach to research, and our community.

We seek students who care deeply about the problems afflicting our world. 

We equip them with the knowledge, the resources, and the networks to pursue positive and ambitious change.

Our Community

Robert Lucas

Robert Lucas ’23

Preview image for the video "2023 Yale SOM Club Fair: Get to Know Your Clubs".
An introduction to student clubs

As the summer progressed, I found myself frequently relying on the knowledge and skills I developed in my first year at SOM, leveraging lessons from the core curriculum and the financial modeling skills I developed through the Renewable Energy Project Finance course.

Working in the public sector in Pakistan, I saw the way that finance often dictates outcomes, especially in the context of a developing country. I decided to transition to the private finance sector, and I saw an MBA as the perfect path. I chose Yale SOM because its holistic mission of educating leaders for business and society resonates with my experiences. It acknowledges that good leadership should encompass broad areas such as public welfare and social well-being.

Ali Nourang Syed ’24