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Our mission is to educate leaders for business & society. The drive to build successful organizations that make a difference inspires our curriculum, our approach to research, and our community.

We seek students who care deeply about the problems afflicting our world. 

We equip them with the knowledge, the resources, and the networks to pursue positive and ambitious change.

Our Community

Krishna Polavarapu ’24

Krishna Polavarapu ’24

Preview image for the video "Yale SOM's Unofficial Mascot Competition".
Scenes from Yale SOM's unofficial mascot competition.

The commercial space economy is developing quickly, but it will still be some time before private capital can move in to completely support early-phase research and development. So it’s public support that drives this innovation forward, whether it’s remote sensing capabilities to manage climate, better weather forecasting, new drugs, or new materials. 

Paula Volent

Paula J. Volent ’97

I was looking for an MBA program with strong coursework on finance, operations, and other key topics, but also a community that understood the privilege of pursuing this degree and a desire to do something positive with it. I realized SOM was the right fit when I started talking to other admitted students and saw that many of them shared these values.

Evi Lowman