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Master’s in Technology Management

Become a tech leader

The Master's in Technology Management is a prestigious, comprehensive one-year program crafted exclusively for Yale College's graduating engineering students. You’ll immediately learn the business and leadership tool set you need to launch a new venture, start a career at a major tech player, or create a service that can revolutionize the world.

Professor Lorenzo Caliendo

Master the skills to succeed in any leading business—design, management, finance, and operations—while deepening your engagement with innovation and technology.

Our curriculum

Join a community committed to our mission of educating leaders for business & society.

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Why Tech & Management

In our rapidly evolving world, technology has become a vehicle of social progress and a source of risk and controversy. It redefines our interaction with the world, reshapes economies, and is the driving force behind revolutionary breakthroughs that solve some of the globe's most pressing issues. To harness the positive, transformative potential of technology, we need leaders who expertly navigate both technical and management realms.

Program Highlights


1 year

Launch date

Fall 2024

Cohort size

10–15 students

We believe the most impactful leaders always weigh both sides of the ampersand in our mission—business and society.

Kerwin K. Charles