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Following Up

In this series, Karen Guzman checks in with recent Yale SOM alumni to learn how their Yale SOM education has shaped their career paths since graduation.

Kris Ansin
August 08, 2023 Following Up Blog

Following Up: Kris Ansin ’17, TechnoServe

Ansin, a graduate of the full-time MBA program, is tapping private sector practices and relationships to address poverty in Kenya, and learning the power of mentorship along the way.

Andrew Davey-Greaves
April 28, 2023 Following Up Blog

Following Up: Andrew Davey-Greaves ’18, EY-Parthenon

Davey-Greaves, a graduate of the MBA program and of Yale’s School of the Environment, helps his firm’s clients navigate corporate sustainability issues, while he mentors newcomers to the field.

Austin Munoz
March 31, 2023 Master’s Degree in Asset Management Blog

Following Up: Austin Muñoz ’22, Amber Group

Muñoz, a graduate of the Master’s Degree in Asset Management program, is helping to shape his firm’s investment strategy—and learning something new every day.

Sue AnderBois ’13
March 30, 2023 MBA Blog

Following Up: Sue AnderBois ’13, The Nature Conservancy

AnderBois, a graduate of the MBA program, works at the intersection of environmental advocacy and local politics, addressing climate and energy issues in her full-time role while also serving in her city’s legislative body.