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How We Teach

Successful leadership today requires an understanding of the pressing challenges of the global economy.

People and ideas move from country to country with unprecedented speed. Work teams include colleagues from varied backgrounds—some or all connecting virtually from far-flung corners. And you as a leader have to see the big picture and to work across industries and sectors to tackle the challenges of an interconnected world. Yale’s global reach and wide-ranging understanding of markets and organizations will give you the perspective you need.

Kyle Jensen
Associate Dean and Shanna and Eric Bass ’05 Director of Entrepreneurship
Preview image for the video "Executive Education: Kyle Jensen".

Our integrated approach

In any Yale Executive Education event, you benefit from the depth of expertise of our leading business faculty. Insights from economics, strategy, finance, accounting, marketing, and behavioral fields will help you raise your performance tomorrow. You will also be immersed in the Yale approach—an integrated and long-term way of approaching challenges that better prepares you to take your organization forward in a world where big issues affect everyone.

Patrick Boyle
Senior V.P. and Chief Learning Officer, UL
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Tailored to your needs

We begin the process of program development—in both custom and open enrollment programs—with a granular understanding of the challenges in your company or industry. In the case of custom programs, faculty and staff work closely with company leaders to tailor a program that brings Yale’s expertise to bear on specific strategic questions. Our open programs arise out of deep and ongoing faculty engagement with industry leaders and top companies. This means that our sessions are always relevant to your needs as you position yourself and your organization for the future.

Paul Bracken
Professor Emeritus of Management
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Areas of Strength

Across our programs, we leverage faculty who are world leaders in these areas:

Global Leadership
Sample faculty: Paul Bracken, James N. Baron

Judgment and Decision Making
Sample faculty: Daylian Cain, Jason Dana, Nicholas C. Barberis

High Performance Teams 
Sample faculty: Zoe Chance

Consumer Insights through Behavioral Economics
Sample faculty: Ravi Dhar, Nathan Novemsky, Shane Frederick

Strategic Sustainability
Sample faculty: Paul Bracken

Strategic Agility and Innovation
Sample faculty: Kyle Jensen

Problem Framing
Sample faculty: Paul Bracken, Nathan Novemsky

Asset Management
Sample faculty: William N. Goetzmann, K. Geert Rouwenhorst

Leading Healthcare Organizations
Sample faculty: Fiona M. Scott Morton, Howard P. Forman