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Startup Stories

In this series, Karen Guzman talks to student and alumni entrepreneurs about how they are making an impact with their startups.

Several colleagues posing together
May 29, 2024 Startup Stories Blog

Startup Stories: Helping Employees Navigate Their Healthcare Benefits

A conversation with Guy Benjamin ’14, whose startup Healthee provides a comprehensive digital platform that helps employees access and understand their health and wellness benefits.

A group of adults and children celebrating the opening of the National Security Index
May 09, 2024 MBA For Executives Blog

Startup Stories: Ethical Investing in Emerging Markets

A conversation with Justin Bernier ’20 who, with four EMBA classmates, launched an index fund that lets Americans invest in emerging markets without supporting companies that threaten U.S. national security.

Alyssa Stratton and Ali Platon
April 11, 2024 MBA For Executives Blog

Startup Stories: Filling the Succession Gap for Small Business Owners

A conversation with Alyssa Strasser ’23 who, with her EMBA classmate Ali Platon ’23, has launched an investment search fund aimed at acquiring and operating a small or mid-sized business.

David Campbell outside Edward P. Evans Hall
February 12, 2024 Startup Stories Blog

Startup Stories: Expanding the Benefits of Automated Market Trading 

A conversation with David Campbell ’22, whose startup ICP Securities (ICPS) leverages its own algorithm to increase liquidity for small- and mid-cap stocks.

EVident Battery cofounders
January 11, 2024 Startup Stories Blog

Startup Stories: Bringing Transparency to the Used EV Market

A conversation with Jinqiang Ning ’25, whose startup assesses battery health and remaining life of EV battery packs to make the used EV market more transparent.

Renato Carregha ’23 holding a giant check
November 22, 2023 MBA Blog

Startup Stories: An Investment Platform for Latin America

A conversation with Renato Carregha ’23, whose startup offers residents of Latin America a crypto investment platform aimed at building wealth in the region.

Linda Craib
October 18, 2023 MBA For Executives Blog

Startup Stories: Tracking Infant Development in Real Time

A conversation with Linda Craib ’10, whose startup gathers infant mental health and early childhood development data through an iPhone app and shares it with healthcare providers.

Ella Archibald
September 13, 2023 Startup Stories Blog

Startup Stories: Expanding Access to Aesthetic Skin Care

A conversation with Ella Archibald ’22, who collaborated with classmate Tri Hiremath ’22 to create a service to make cosmetic dermatology services more affordable and convenient.

Group selfie with Assistant Secretary Donald Lu (and his team) of the U.S. Department of State (Bureau of South and Central Asian Affairs) in Chicago, May 2023.JPG
June 08, 2023 Master of Advanced Management Blog

Startup Stories: A Network Connecting Nepali Students and Professionals around the World

A conversation with Preeti Pandey Adhikary ’21, founder of the Great Nepali Diaspora, a global community that supports and encourages students and professionals with Nepali roots.

Fund group photo
April 20, 2023 MBA For Executives Blog

Startup Stories: An Angel Investment Fund Leveraging EMBA Students’ Expertise

A conversation with Alex Hatzis ’24, who collaborated with his classmates to create a fund to invest in startups at Yale and elsewhere, in health tech, fintech, and sustainability.