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Advancing stakeholder research, education, and practice to benefit business and society.

New generations expect more from the companies they work for, buy from, invest in, and permit to operate in their communities. In response, businesses are broadening their value creation for a range of stakeholders and for their own competitive differentiation. This shift in business purpose requires innovation—in products, processes, policies—that can enhance the long-term success of both business and society.

  • What skills and tools are needed to navigate competing stakeholder agendas?
  • When and how should companies take a stand on social issues?
  • What new metrics are needed to measure stakeholder value creation?
  • How can purpose and values promised to stakeholders be operationalized?
  • How can diverse stakeholder needs be connected to drive innovation and create long-term competitive advantage?
Our mission

Develop new thinking that helps leaders become expert in creating long-term value for the stakeholders who matter to the success of their organizations.

Our approach
  • Supporting relevant academic research into how businesses manage and engage stakeholders

  • Developing a robust set of case studies to be used in business classes around the world

  • Infusing principles and practices of stakeholder innovation and management into education for students, executives, and entrepreneurs

  • Convening faculty, students, and leaders from all sectors to advance how business leaders can improve practice and increase the long-term value of their enterprises

All intellectual capital developed by the program is made freely available.

Preview image for the video "Introducing the Yale Program on Stakeholder Innovation and Management".