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Faculty & Research

Yale SOM faculty are dedicated teachers and leading researchers who play an outsized role in shaping business theory, policy, and practice. Through our centers, they collaborate to advance knowledge of the financial system, customer behavior, sustainable business practices, social enterprise, and other subjects.

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Research that matters

Our faculty are leading the way in developing analytical approaches to the complex challenges that really matter in people’s lives. Often highly collaborative, they use multiple perspectives and disciplinary lenses to find innovative insights.

Focus areas

Businesses and business skills are needed to tackle intractable problems.

Organizations can be run to the benefit of multiple stakeholders. Companies large and small can tackle social ills. Investors can direct resources to enterprises that make the economy greener and communities healthier.

We've been studying social impact since our founding.

Our choices every day shape the world we live in.

Companies and organizations can have disproportionate impact through their interactions with customers, employees, and others they touch.

Our faculty have unique insight into behavioral science and its ever evolving implications for marketing, finance, and organizations and leadership.

Healthcare needs leaders who can transform the system to improve patient care.

Questions of funding and organizational structure can seem removed from the practice of medicine, but improving healthcare will require leaders who understand hard business skills—and have heart.

Yale SOM experts study all aspects of healthcare.

Markets need competition.

Well functioning markets produce benefits for consumers and efficiencies for society. But to ensure that happens we need deep understanding of markets and competition.

Our faculty study all aspects of competition and its impact on lives. The Thurman Arnold Project pulls together experts across Yale interested in improving antitrust enforcement.

Copious data and near limitless computing are remaking the business world.

Across fields of study, Yale SOM faculty are at the forefront of developing new analytical tools and probing data for insights that can improve how organizations function.

Learn more about data and technology initiatives.

Well-being is built on financial institutions.

SOM has a long history of considering the impact finance has on society. We have unique strengths in asset management, including a specialized degree program, and in the study of systemic risk and the prevention of financial crises.

Public education is a driver of opportunity, but our school systems are too often under-resourced and rife with inequity.

The Broad Center at Yale SOM is training leaders who can foster excellence in large urban school districts and strengthen their communities.

“I’m interested in what happens when people come together and how it produces something that’s greater than the individual parts.” 

Marissa King, Professor of Organizational Behavior

“COVID was the impetus for a deeper connection with the government, but we need to make these links permanent so that we can improve evidence-based policy making through rigorous research.”

Mushfiq Mobarak, Professor of Economics

Our insights

Faculty news

June 28, 2022

Yale School of Management Welcomes New Faculty Members

Nine new faculty in organizational behavior, marketing, finance, and economics will join Yale SOM on July 1.

June 28, 2022

Profs. Heather Tookes and Edieal Pinker Appointed to New Deputy Dean Positions

Yale SOM Dean Kerwin K. Charles has named Pinker, who has spent the last six years overseeing faculty management as deputy dean, to a newly created role as deputy dean for strategy; Tookes will lead faculty hiring and development as deputy dean for faculty.

June 13, 2022

Sharon Oster, 1948-2022

Oster, the school’s former dean and a longtime teacher of economics and nonprofit strategy, was beloved by her colleagues and generations of Yale graduates.

Featured Yale Cases

tronc: Valuing the Future of Newspapers

Tribune Publishing made the controversial move to "tronc" in the midst of a bruising takeover battle. In May 2016, the Tribune Publishing board rejected a second all-cash buyout offer from Gannett Publishing, $15/share, up from an initial unsolicited bid of $12.25. The debate became public and heated, as Gannett made an appeal directly to the Tribune's non-management shareholders. The effort failed.

Faculty author: Heather Tookes

Shake Shack IPO

Opening day investors bid up the $21 per share offering price by 118% to reach $45.90 at closing bell. By the end of May, investors were paying $92.86 per share. But observers wondered if this price represented a realistic valuation of the enterprise and if not, what was Shake Shack truly worth? 

Faculty authors: Jake Thomas and Geert Rouwenhorst

Notable Books

Three Days at Camp David, by Jeffrey E. Garten
Social Chemistry: Decoding the Patterns of Human Connection, by Marissa King
Fighting Financial Crises: Learning from the Past, by Gary Gorton and Ellis Tallman