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Collaborator Programs

All collaborator programs are taught at Yale, except where noted. Yale faculty teach the programs and participants receive a certificate of participation at the conclusion of the program.

FWD Group

FWD Partnership Elite Learning Program at the Yale School of Management

FWD Group and Yale SOM Executive Education have partnered to launch the FWD Elite Partnership Learning Program at the Yale School of Management. This is a multi-year collaboration offering bespoke learning and development opportunities, and features celebrated faculty William S. Beinecke Professor of Management, James Baron; Professor of Marketing, Jiwoong Shin; and Professor of Accounting, Frank Zhang. The FWD Partnership Elite Learning Program at the Yale School of Management will offer two distinct tracks to address different skill sets tailored for varied groups of partnership professionals:

FWD Elite Financial Consultant Program at the Yale School of Management – Designed for sellers, referrers as well as frontline sales support team working in its various partnerships to broaden their knowledge in key financial products, financial planning and effective communication. The online program will use on-demand video lectures, quizzes and assignments to help participants learn how to more effectively communicate with prospects and customers and provide them with appropriate and holistic financial solutions.

FWD Elite Executive Program at the Yale School of Management – An opportunity for a selected group of Bancassurance and IFA executives from FWD as well as its partners across the region to attend a week-long learning program on campus at Yale SOM in Connecticut, USA. With speakers from across Yale’s graduate schools and research centers, as well as external specialists, participants will experience a unique hands-on learning program hosted by a world-class program management team.

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Sinovation Ventures

Sinovation Fellows Program at Yale

The Sinovation Fellows Program at Yale is a two-year, international learning and networking experience open to China’s most senior, most accomplished business leaders. The fellowship was designed in collaboration with Sinovation Ventures, a venture capital investment company specializing in science and technology. The Sinovation Fellows Program draws on Yale’s renowned research and expertise and Sinovation’s deep industry knowledge and market experience to sharpen participants' leadership skills and entrepreneurial savvy.

Participants will develop as marketplace leaders, improving their effectiveness in strategic thinking, innovation, and investment, among others. Upon completion of the program, Sinovation Fellows stand ready to apply insights from Western and Eastern leadership strategies, methods of management, and marketplace trends. Specially designed to accommodate Chinese speakers with English-to-Chinese translation, the program combines practical and research-based experiences to immerse participants in both the theory and practice of business and technological innovation.

The Sinovation Fellows Program is hosted across three continents, with modules at Yale University and Yale Center Beijing. Upon completion of the program, participants will receive a prestigious certificate and Yale International Affiliate status, and become a member of Yale’s alumni network.

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University of Iceland School of Business

The University of Iceland has entered in collaboration with Yale School of Management and IESE Business School of Navarra in Barcelona, both are among the most cutting edge MBA programs in the world. This collaboration strengthens the MBA program at the University of Iceland considerably as it entails MBA students attending challenging and dynamic courses at both schools during their studies.

Students who start the University of Iceland MBA program in the fall of 2019 will take a study trip to Barcelona in the spring term of 2020 and travel to Yale in New Haven, United States for the fall term of 2020. The collaboration with these prestigious universities has great professional value for the studies as a whole and places the MBA-studies at the University of Iceland at the forefront of the field. The University of Iceland is already among the 300 best Universities in the world according to the respected list of Times Higher Education. This is due in part to the great scientific endeavours of the university and to the prolific publications in prestigious journals by the university's scientists. The strength of the university on the list has ensured a number of collaboration agreements with many of the world’s most prominent universities.

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Yale Center for Business and the Environment

Financing and Deploying Clean Energy

Yale’s online certificate in Financing and Deploying Clean energy builds your capacity in the areas of policy, finance, and clean technology.

The world urgently needs leaders with this combination of skills; in 2017, the International Energy Agency estimated that $3.5 trillion per year in energy investments would be required until 2050 to offset the rise in carbon emissions. Of these, approximately $1 trillion per year must be dedicated to the deployment and financing of clean energy.

The challenges—and the opportunities—are both immense and immediate. To tackle them, all must come together to develop innovative approaches to how we produce, distribute, and consume energy. It requires a cross-sectoral approach and an interdisciplinary lens. It requires an informed workforce and powerful knowledge networks. And it requires sharp skills and a willingness to learn.

This is why the Yale Center for Business and the Environment (CBEY) developed this year-long, admissions-based online certificate for working professionals who seek to accelerate the financing and deployment of clean energy. CBEY has drawn on its vast network of professionals and on the expertise of Yale faculty to offer a unique program marrying academic rigor with practical skills.

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