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Following Up: Andrew Davey-Greaves ’18, EY-Parthenon

Davey-Greaves, a graduate of the MBA program and of Yale’s School of the Environment, helps his firm’s clients navigate corporate sustainability issues, while he mentors newcomers to the field.

In this series, Karen Guzman checks in with recent Yale SOM alumni to learn how their Yale SOM education has shaped their career paths since graduation.

Andrew Davey-Greaves

Andrew Davey-Greaves ’18, a graduate of Yale SOM and Yale School of the Environment 

Senior Director, Strategy at EY-Parthenon

How have you pursued your aspirations to make a difference in your career so far?

I currently serve as the sustainability resident for the Consumer Sector in EY-Parthenon’s Strategy practice. I work with a diverse set of global peers to shape our firm’s approach and perspective on the top sustainability issues that our clients are facing.

What’s a lesson from Yale SOM that has helped you on your career path since graduation?

One specific lesson from the Interpersonal Dynamics course that’s stayed with me is to “stay on your side of the net.” This is the concept of stating how a situation makes you feel, rather than assuming why another person acted in a given way. In a work environment focused on developing teams, managing clients, and giving feedback, I frequently fall back on what I learned in that course.

Have there been unexpected benefits from your SOM education?

The lasting personal relationships. I met my wife and made a number of lifelong friendships in Evans Hall.

What are you passionate about in your work?

Finding opportunities to be a mentor and a mentee. Transitioning to consulting was a big professional change for me, and I remain so grateful to those who helped me find my footing. I look to pass that on, especially for those who are developing new skillsets or finding their way into sustainability.