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Conferences & Events

Prepare for a packed calendar.

The year is filled with speakers, seminars, club meetings, major conferences, and social activities. You'll have the chance to hear directly from business leaders, work closely with your classmates, engage in discussion of the issues you care about, and maybe try a little ice hockey. Here are a few of the opportunities to gain insight and experience—not to mention have fun—in a year at Yale.

Preview image for the video "One Minute with John Rogers of Ariel Investments".

Every time he addresses a corporate boardroom, John W. Rogers, Jr., the founder and co-CEO of Ariel Investments, has one priority at the top of his agenda: to educate everyone around the table on the “stark” financial inequity facing communities of color. Watch the full talk.

Yale SOM students host a number of conferences each year, including the annual Education Leadership Conference, Healthcare Conference, Philanthropy Conference, and Private Equity Venture Capital Conference.

Anshula Madhavan ’21 wrote about the lessons she learned co-leading the 2021 Yale Philanthropy Conference. “This whole experience has reinforced my belief in the power of collective work driven by values and intent,” she says. Read her blog post.

Students working on the Philanthropy Conference

Jump in and help plan the next Private Equity Conference or the big MBA soccer tournament. Our 45-plus student clubs cover diverse areas of professional interest and affiliation and produce dozens of talks, workshops, panels, and other events in an average week. You'll have the opportunity to take on a leadership role in an area that's important to you.

Preview image for the video "Lunch Hour Learning: Economic Development Club".

“What we love to do at SOM is bring in professors from around Yale and within SOM to talk about their expertise.” —Laura Wood ’21

Serious competition

It was the week of the Harvard-Yale football game, known as The Game, and the spirit of competition was in the air. Nearly two dozen SOM-affiliated pooches lined up, vying to become the first ever SOM mascot. Only one could win.

Preview image for the video "SOM mascot competition".