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Inclusion Initiatives

Students in the classroom

An integral part of the Office of Inclusion and Diversity is to empower SOM’s community to uphold inclusionary practices that are intentional and impactful. Our approach strengthens individual capacity and community bonds to advance our mission through awareness, reflection, and actions.  


Embracing diversity and increasing inclusion start with self-awareness. The OID offers members of the community opportunities to become more mindful about why and how they make decisions. We believe in meeting people where they are. Awareness programming includes Conversations that Matter series, sessions that provide space to engage in critical dialogue around timely and relevant issues around diversity equity and inclusion.


Being open to change means learning about personal biases and how to mitigate them. Our programming offers members practical tools for feedback and self-observation.  Our DEI Labs series offers interactive workshops that provide individuals the space to go deeper on key themes, with an emphasis on internal reflection and commitments.  


Inclusion requires active, intentional, and ongoing efforts to promote the full participation of every member of the community. OID programming includes training focused on providing frameworks on inclusive leadership skills, and our resources support those looking to be more effective allies.