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Today’s marketing leaders are expected to utilize a deep understanding of the customer to influence decision-making across many different functions, from demand planning and supply chain management to pricing and analytics.  

Our faculty are leaders in understanding all aspects of consumer behavior—drawing on Yale’s deep expertise in behavioral science and machine learning and data science. The spirit of investigation and discovery filters into the classroom and draws leading thinkers and executives who share their insights with students.



The Yale SOM integrated core curriculum provides students with both a strong foundation in marketing and brand management frameworks, as well as tools and methods for applying those concepts to complex, integrated problems. Specialized marketing electives and team-based projects provide you with the expertise you need to pursue your passion, whether it’s decision-making, big data, or sustainability.

Sample courses

  • Core Courses: Customer, Innovator, The Executive

  • Electives: Consumer Behavior, Marketing Strategy, Pricing Strategy, Strategic Market Measurement, Listening to the Customer, Consumer Behavior, Customer Insights and Applications, Social Media Analytics

This community is made up of students who are curious to learn from others, challenge the status quo, and leave an impact. I knew this was the kind of community I wanted to join.

Stephanie Lu
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Discovery projects

Discovery Projects

The Yale Center for Customer Insights Discovery Projects give students the opportunity to drive innovative solutions for real-world marketing problems. MBA students work in teams, under the guidance of faculty, to tackle a current business challenge at a real corporation. Students apply theories and frameworks in behavioral science to help uncover the drivers of customer motivations and preferences. Each project gives students the opportunity to develop and learn team building, analytic thinking, qualitative research methodologies, interviewing skills, client relations, and presentation skills. 

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Opportunities for students

Yale SOM Student Clubs

Among our 40+ student clubs are several that foster students’ leadership in the marketing disciplines through workshops, roundtables, conferences, and fundraisers, including the Design & Innovation Club, Marketing Club, Retail Club, and YCCI Editorial Board. 

Yale SOM Conferences and Events

The Center for Customer Insights hosts a number of events, conferences, and eminent speakers throughout the year. Students have an opportunity to attend many of these events and to engage with visiting corporate partners through volunteer work.

Yale CCI Alumni Fellows Program

Fellows are an elite group of marketing and business leaders who have been recognized by the Yale Center for Customer Insights for their contributions to the development and dissemination of new customer insights and the practical applications of those insights.

Yale CCI Colloquium on Marketing Leadership

The Colloquium on Marketing Leadership hosted by the Yale Center for Customer Insights brings leaders in marketing, insights, and innovation together with students and faculty to share personal perspectives on their careers, companies, and industries. It explores the latest challenges, opportunities, and developments in the world of marketing, from a wide variety of disciplines, perspectives, and backgrounds. Recent speakers have included leaders from Nielsen, Converse, Procter & Gamble, and McKinsey. View a list of recent speakers.

CCI partners with global marketing leaders to develop, test, and disseminate new insights that advance the understanding of the changing consumer to drive growth.