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Edward P. Evans Hall

Explore our campus.

Edward P. Evans Hall is a home, a hub for conversation and deliberation, and a platform for launching new ventures and new networks. 

The campus houses state-of-the-art classrooms, faculty offices, academic centers, and meeting spaces organized around the enclosed Shen Courtyard. From here, SOM students connect and collaborate with their peers across Yale and across the world.

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Facade of Evans Hall
Students and a professor in a classroom
Evans Hall

Dining options

Grab a cup of coffee before class at McNay Café. Warning: the lines can get long, but that's because the coffee is worth waiting for. At lunch, you'll find a menu of local, sustainably sourced dishes at Charley's Place and settle in for friendly conversation or to make progress on a team project.

Spaces for collaboration

Common spaces around Evans Hall were deliberately designed to create opportunities for students, faculty, and staff to encounter each other in the course of traveling to classes or meetings. The open, comfortable concourses and student lounge encourage impromptu acts of brainstorming—as well as recreation.

Wired classrooms

The campus features 16 classrooms of varying layouts and sizes, developed after an extensive study of the distinctive Yale learning experience. Each has the latest technology to bring in voices and perspectives from around the globe.


Evans Hall was designed and built to minimize its impact on the environment. With features including chilled beams and radiant floor heating systems, daylight-controlled LED lighting, widespread use of recycled materials, and native vegetation landscaping, the building received a Gold rating under the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) program.