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Yale University

Come to Yale SOM. Be part of a great university.

You’ll benefit from engaging with leading thinkers and teachers across the university and participating in the intellectual life of Yale.

Effective leaders for business and society can see the implications of business decisions on the broader society around them and grasp how political and cultural trends are likely to affect their ventures. Yale University includes leaders in all areas of study and thought, and you’ll learn to understand different points of view and areas of knowledge by engaging across the campus.

SOM’s points of connection with the broader university are many:

  • Our students frequently take classes in other schools and departments, while students from other parts of Yale sit beside our students in classes in Evans Hall.
  • We welcome a substantial number of joint degree students each year.
  • Our entrepreneurship programming draws students from across Yale, and SOM students have launched many ventures with partners from other parts of the university.
  • Our faculty collaborate with experts at Yale Law School, the Yale School of Medicine, and other Yale institutions on major research projects.

Our community

Ben Misra and his daughter

“I’m fascinated with the future of technology and how it will play a role geopolitically as well as domestically. I’ve been able to supplement my business school education with courses at the Yale Law School and at the Jackson School of Global Affairs.”  

Benjamin Misra ’22

Study in splendor

Yale SOM students take advantage of facilities across the Yale campus, learning in both state-of-the-art and historic settings.

Evans Hall
Library reading room

Connect with entrepreneurial resources

There are no boundaries when it comes to entrepreneurship at Yale: Yale SOM's Program on Entrepreneurship draws students from across Yale, while university-wide events like #StartupYale and programs like the Tsai Center for Innovative Thinking at Yale bring together entrepreneurs from all disciplines and backgrounds. Many SOM entrepreneurs have collaborated with leading Yale researchers to bring innovative products to market.

Preview image for the video "Tsai CITY Provides Entrepreneurs a Summer Boost".

The joint degree path

More than 11% of the most recent MBA class is pursuing one of nine joint-degree programs. These dual-focused students bring wide-ranging professional interests and connections across campus with them to Evans Hall. The Yale Center for Business and the Environment is an invaluable resource for students pursuing a joint degree with the Yale School of the Environment, regularly bringing industry leaders and innovators to speak at Evans Hall.