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Student Conferences

Student-run conferences draw hundreds of participants to campus to discuss pressing issues and developments in fields including investment, philanthropy, and education. Helping to organize such an event is both a meaningful leadership experience in its own right, and an opportunity to gain exposure to an industry or field of interest.

Net Impact Case Competition

Hosted by Net Impact
Student Organizers: Erin Manning, Alex Grassby
October 26, Evans Hall

The Net Impact Case Competition is an annual case competition sponsored by Deloitte and managed by the Yale SOM Net Impact Chapter. It is a competition exclusively for first-year SOM MBA candidates. Participants work through an SOM case on a prompt provided by the Deloitte judging team. SOM students serve as judges selecting the finalists and "Best Social Impact" award. Selected finalists present to Deloitte judges who then award first, second, and third prize.

Investors & Allocators Conference

Hosted by the Investment Management Club
Student Organizers: Gurkamal Pannu, Jasmine Peng
November 4, Evans Hall

Investing is the art of finding enduring businesses, managers, and industries that will outperform over time - and putting money behind your idea. At this conference, we'll explore the investors looking to outperform the market and allocators looking to provide stable return for their institutions. We will discuss current finance issues from a dual lens of the capital providers, and the capital investors, and offer both the opportunity to connect with each other.

Social Impact Consulting Case Competition

Hosted by the Social Impact Consulting Club
Student Organizers: Amanda Quenard y Fuentecilla, Daniel Ramirez-Raftree, Guarocuya (Frank) Batista-Kunhardt, Alif Taufik
February 2, Evans Hall

The theme of the case competition is to help a social-oriented organization (tentatively a real nonprofit or social enterprise in New Haven) with a management problem.

Yale Philanthropy Conference

Hosted by Net Impact
Student Organizers: Tiffany Lau, Liv Ouyang
February 16, Evans Hall

The Yale Philanthropy Conference is an interdisciplinary forum for current and future leaders focused on the business of social change. Now in its fifteenth year, the Yale Philanthropy Conference is the only convening of the nonprofit and philanthropic sector planned entirely by MBA students. Bringing together thinkers, students, and professionals from leading institutions and foundations across the country, the conference fosters discussions about the role of philanthropy in the contemporary society, strengthens professional networks, builds management acumen necessary for vibrant institutions, and cultivates leadership in the social sector and beyond.

Young Women's Leadership Launch

Hosted by the Women in Management (WIM) Club
Student Organizers: Ruqiao Mao, Leigh Bushnell
February 24, Evans Hall

The Young Women’s Leadership Conference aims to be a life-changing experience for rising young women leaders from New Haven and the surrounding area to reach for the highest leadership positions. The goal is simple: to inspire these women to aspire to their greatest potential. The Young Women’s Leadership Conference aims to increase each participant’s perceptions of personal leadership and agency, and seeks to ignite and expand the interests of each participant to consider industries in which women are under-represented, including business, politics, engineering, and others.

Yale Healthcare Services & Innovation Case Competition

Hosted by the Healthcare & Life Sciences Club
Student Organizers: Tobi Shitta-Bey, Barrie Berger
February 24, Evans Hall

The Yale Healthcare Services Innovation: Case Competition is the first student-organized event focused on bringing innovation to care delivery. Home healthcare is an essential part of the healthcare services delivery system and gets too little attention. This year, working closely with our title sponsor FOX Rehab, teams consisting of 3 to 5 students will be given a live case in the area of improving the accuracy of when care is needed and received. Teams will conceive and present their recommendations to a panel of academic and industry judges.

Economic Development Symposium

Hosted by the Economic Development Club
Student Organizers: Khine Thant, Cheryl Zhang, Daniel Ramirez-Raftree
March 1, Evans Hall

The Economic Development Symposium is a student-run conference at the Yale School of Management that brings together senior thought leaders, practitioners, and investors from academia, government, international organizations, NGOs, and the private sector. This event fosters debate and provides actionable recommendations on pressing economic development issues in emerging markets and the U.S.


Hosted by the Women in Management (WIM) Club
Student Organizers: Cinthya Garibay, Amanda Quenard y Fuentecilla
March 2, Evans Hall

Fempire: The Yale Conference on Women, Technology, and Power explores the role business canand shouldplay in advocating for women’s equality and health. Hosted by the Yale School of Management’s Women in Management Club, the conference brings together industry leaders, activists, policymakers, and scholars to discuss the successes, challenges, and mixed incentives that arise when business is called upon to advocate for gender equity and women’s rights. In particular, Fempire examines how corporate policies affect employees, how government policies influence business and society, and the problematic role data can play as a means of advocating for women. Fempire will also explore the Yale University and academic context, looking at the legacy of Title IX in light of current events.

Yale Healthcare Conference

Hosted by the Healthcare & Life Science Club
Student Organizers: Chloe Yang, Rabeea Shaikh
April 12, Evans Hall

The Yale Healthcare Conference is a joint effort between the Yale School of Management and the Health Professional Schools at Yale University. This student-led event brings together professionals, scholars, and students to engage in an informative conversation concerning focusing on identifying solutions to contemporary healthcare issues.

Education Leadership Conference
Hosted by the Education Club
Student Organizers: Joandy Pratama, Laurene Spekterman
April 19, Evans Hall

The Yale School of Management Education Leadership Conference exists to create a forum for leaders in education reform. The Yale School of Management Education Leadership Conference seeks to create a constructive dialogue about how leadership skills applied to the education sector can be used to solve the most pressing and complex challenges in public education.

Yale Black Venture Summit

Hosted by the Black Business Alliance
Student Organizers: Malcolm Cardona-Spence, Tobi Shitta-Bey
April 26, Evans Hall

The Yale Black Venture Summit unites venture capitalists, founders, and technology leaders to develop solutions to close the gap in funding for Black entrepreneurs and investors. By centering Black entrepreneurship at Yale, the summit provides a platform for dialogue and collaboration to ignite meaningful change and support the growth of Black founders and investors nationwide.