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Photos: From the Military to Yale SOM

Stephen Potts ’24 decided to pursue an MBA at Yale SOM after serving as a captain in the Marine Corps.

Stephen Potts headshot in military uniform
group of people in front of an airplane
group of people in front of a pub
Stephen Potts with fellow ice hockey players

The number-one reason I chose SOM was the community. The people here, across the board, are incredibly kind, caring, and collaborative. I have made genuine relationships I know will last the rest of my personal and professional life, just like my time in the military. There are no sharp elbows and there is zero competitiveness amongst students; I was successful in recruiting because of my peers, not despite them. Having a more traditional college campus/town is also awesome. When you’re hanging out in New Haven, you’re with your friends from school—and quick access to major cities such as NYC and Boston provide great balance, too (I’m writing this on the Metro North after a weekend in the city)!