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My First 60 Days at Yale SOM

Four first-year MBA students reflect on their time in the program so far.

Emmanuel Cudjoe standing next to Yale SOM sign
Emmanuel Codjoe and friends
Emmanuel Cudjoe, Jr. ’25

It’s true what they say about time flying when you’re having fun. My first 60 days here have gone by extremely quickly, and as we write our first finals for the first half of our very first semester, I can say with no equivocation that the experience has been amazing so far.

Orientation in the courtyard at Evans Hall was a sight to behold—the throng of ambitious and eager students from all walks of life looking to make their mark on the world starting with an education at SOM. In the weeks that have followed, I have been extremely impressed by the deep care for society that I have witnessed here among my classmates.

Coming from a non-business background, the core classes have been challenging but enjoyable. Notably, Modeling Managerial Decisions has given me a profound appreciation of the fallibility and limitations of human intuition and ability, and taught me to approach problems with humility, always interrogating the solutions we propose.

To say the experience has also been intense would be an understatement. Without the support of my undisputedly helpful contingent of new friends and Red Cohort classmates, it would be impossible to strike the crucial balance between recruiting, coursework, and a bustling social scene, all of which are constantly competing to fill up your time outside class.

Looking ahead, I hope to figure out how best to fully utilize the extensive resources at Yale, and with our community of like-minded colleagues, continue to find innovative and transformative business solutions to address pertinent societal needs. I have no doubt that my time at Yale SOM will be a most fulfilling and invaluable experience.

Megan Grossman with three friends in formal wear
Megan Grossman in hockey uniform on the ice
Megan Grossman with three friends in running gear
Megan Grossman ’25

Since arriving on campus, I have not had an idle moment, which suits me perfectly! My favorite course this fall has been Modeling Managerial Decisions with professors Nathan Novemsky and Anjani Jain. I am enthralled by the fusion of quantitative Excel modeling and the psychology of human thought. This course has profoundly changed my approach to decision-making in both professional and personal situations. I am currently knee-deep in the consulting recruiting process, participating in the Consulting Club and firm-sponsored coffee chats and information sessions with much more to go. I am incredibly appreciative of the resources and support Yale SOM has provided me throughout this process.

From a club perspective, I am having the time of my life! Yale SOM has offered ample opportunities to integrate into the extended New Haven community. I am actively engaged in the Women in Management club as a conference lead and was recently selected as a Nonprofit Board Fellow, where I have the incredible opportunity to serve as a voting board member for a local New Haven nonprofit. I am a lead student recruiter in partnership with the Admissions Office and am a member of our school's honor committee, where I collaborate with faculty to ensure that our stated honor code standards are upheld. SOM has also kept me active as I rekindle the athleticism of my high-school sports days as a member of SOM United Soccer Club and learn how to skate for the first time with the SOM Hockey Club! Beyond SOM, New Haven continues to impress! I enjoy East Rock Park runs, exploring the local dining scene, attending performances at the Shubert Theatre, and spending time with classmates. 

I genuinely believe that being a Yale Bulldog is the chance of a lifetime in a life full of chance. I cannot recall a time when I have felt this content. I am growing academically, excited by the prospect of future professional opportunities, and meeting individuals whom I already consider to be lifelong friends. I am committed to making the most of this experience and can't wait to see what the remainder of my fall semester brings!

Shane Mumma standing next to Yale SOM sign
Shane Mumma ’25

What a time! Although it’s only been a little over two months since I started my MBA journey at Yale SOM, it feels like I’ve been here for a lifetime already. Since the start of orientation, I’ve been energized with a jam-packed schedule of exciting activities. We did team building exercises in East Rock Park, hiked, heard from Yale’s president, and enjoyed boatloads of free food and socials just that week alone. We then doubled down on teamwork the following week for our week-long Managing Groups and Teams class, during which I worked on a variety of fun activities with my learning team of six other MBA students from all over the world. We built LEGOs, painted, played games, and filmed a video together summarizing what we learned. (And yes, you read that right—I never would’ve thought a business school class would have LEGOs and painting, but it was awesome!)

Outside of the formal learning environment, the SOM community for me has run incredibly deep—the comradery we’ve built through our shared experiences here in class, recruiting, and what feels like endless social outings (BBQs, birthday parties, cohort meetups, Tite n’ Brite, Field Day, and so very many more events) has been exceptional. Even during the fast pace of finals this week, I made sure to make time to pause to really appreciate being here at SOM—the beautiful Evans Hall building, the opportunities, the friendships, and everything this business school has to offer is really something worth cherishing.

Delia Reyes next to Yale SOM sign
Delia Reyes with friends outside Evans Hall
Delia Reyes outdoors with large group
Delia Reyes ’25

The Class of 2025 has officially finished the final exams from Fall 1! I cannot believe it has already been two months since our MBA journey started. I’m blessed to confirm each day that SOM truly represents Business & Society.

I am referring to our journey because, since the first day, I felt my classmates have been my family. I am an international student from Peru, and I have found a community here. Before classes started, we went out to the famous Gryphon’s Yale Graduate Bar and spent hours doing karaoke and getting to know each other. My birthday was one week after classes, and we celebrated it there. Even away from home, my friends made me feel at home and grateful to be here.

I’m part of the Green Cohort and a proud member of the second learning team, which we’ve rebranded the Green Pharos. We have been through a lot: discussing inequality while trading chips, working in teams while painting and playing with Legos, learning game theory while selling and buying oranges, and modeling decisions while thinking about the psychological aspects of making them. Amazing, right? Right into the core of business!

Of course, Yale SOM is also committed to the &Society piece of its mission. I’ve joined the Title IX Working Group, helping to spread awareness for Title IX at Yale. I am also part of the Economic Development Club and the Social Impact Consulting Club, and we have met the New Haven nonprofits we are going to work with next semester.—these are things that impacted and amazed me when I first visited Evans and that now I am excited to be part of. Yale SOM is always providing environments for its students to give back to society, and I am happy and honored to say that I belong to this family.