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Global Network Survey Examines Workplace Priorities for Management Students

The study is the master’s thesis of ESMT Berlin graduate student Jan Malte Jeddeloh.

A newly published study from ESMT Berlin draws on a survey of more than 600 students in the Global Network for Advanced Management in detailing the priorities that affect job selection for the future leaders now studying management.

According to the study, salary remains the highest priority for young people around the world. Factors like the ability to work remotely and work-life balance are gaining importance, especially for women and students in Western countries.

“With the global pandemic, employees have re-evaluated their employer. Work-life balance, flexibility, and corporate purpose have come into particular focus since then, but monetary acknowledgement and stability are still decisive,” said Jan Malte Jeddeloh, the ESMT Berlin graduate who conducted the study as his master’s thesis. “These changes in workforce mindset are highly relevant for employers for attracting and retaining new talent.”

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