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Student Conferences

Student-run conferences draw hundreds of participants to campus to discuss pressing issues and developments in fields including investment, philanthropy, and education. Helping to organize such an event is both a meaningful leadership experience in its own right, and an opportunity to gain exposure to an industry or field of interest.

Africa Business Practicum

The Africa Business Practicum (ABP) is an Africa focused symposium at Yale School of Management offering learning and networking opportunities for students and professionals interested in the African economic growth story. Using a case-based approach, participants explore the challenges and opportunities of doing business on the continent and discuss potential solutions with industry experts, faculty and renowned Yale World Fellows. The Africa Business Practicum was founded in 2014.
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D+I Innovation Summit

The NYC Innovation Summit, now in its seventh year, brings together MBAs, speakers, employers and experts from a wide of range of industries focused on innovation. Cohosted with Wharton and Columbia, the day-long summit takes place in February and includes keynote speakers, panels, hands-on workshops and an employer showcase. Speakers have represented companies such as Nike, IDEO, Innosight, Ralph Lauren, GE, UNICEF, and countless others.

Economic Development Symposium

The Yale Economic Development Symposium is a one day event focusing on high-quality discussions in the field of both international and domestic development. This year, the symposium will focus on the synergies, as well as potential tensions, between key stakeholders in the economic development space. To explore these perspectives, the symposium will bring together speakers from the private, public, and social sectors with deep expertise in economic development advocacy, implementation, financing, and advising space.

Education Leadership Conference

The Yale School of Management Education Leadership Conference challenges educators to think critically about the biggest questions facing education reform.  The Education Leadership Conference was founded in 2005.
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Integrated Leadership Case Competition

The Yale School of Management Integrated Leadership Case Competition (ILCC) was created to convene the best students from participating universities in developing creative solutions for business challenges that require the integration of multiple disciplines. Based on Yale SOM’s integrated curriculum and comprehensive leadership development program, competing students are encouraged to take into account different vantage points (finance, marketing, ethics, etc) and multiple stakeholders (customers, investors, employees, etc) when formulating their strategy for resolving multi-faceted and complex problems. The one day case competition asks students from eight to ten participating top international business schools to tackle a Yale SOM raw case on business ethics. Competing teams will be given the raw case on the day of the competition, and at the end of the day, teams will present their ideas to a panel of esteemed judges representing Yale faculty, sponsors, and corporate leaders.


PeriodCon is a new conference that will focus on the business and policy of menstruation. The conference will bring together industry leaders, policy makers, product innovators, community advocates, and practitioners to learn about and discuss common challenges and emerging innovations that address menstrual hygiene globally. PeriodCon envisions a future where everyone has the information, confidence, and ability to access safe, innovative solutions for menstruation.

Private Equity and Venture Capital Conference

The Private Equity conference is organized by the Yale SOM Private Equity & Venture Capital Club, a student-administered club that broadens student exposure to the private equity community while educating professionals about Yale SOM.
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Yale Business of Legal Cannabis Conference

The Yale Business of Legal Cannabis Conference is the first of its kind at any U.S. business school. The objective of the conference is to convene leaders from all sectors of society—private, government, and nonprofit—to discuss and broaden student exposure to the diversity, opportunities, and complexities of the legal cannabis space, including policy, racial equity, branding/marketing, healthcare, and private equity/venture capital.

Yale Healthcare Case Competition

The Yale Healthcare Case Competition is an annual case competition that is completely student organized and brings together interdisciplinary teams of students across many different universities and programs to solve the most challenging problems in healthcare and biotechnology today.

Yale Healthcare Conference

The Yale Healthcare Conference is a joint effort between the Yale School of Management and the Health Professional Schools at Yale University. It brings together professionals, academics, and students to engage in an informative conversation concerning pressing issues in the healthcare industry attracting over 450 participants.  The Yale Healthcare Conference was founded in 2004.
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Yale Philanthropy Conference

The Yale Philanthropy Conference is an inter-disciplinary forum for current and future leaders focused on the business of social change. Now in its fourteenth year, the Yale Philanthropy Conference is the only convening of the nonprofit and philanthropic sector planned entirely by MBA students. Bringing together thinkers, students, and professionals from leading institutions and foundations across the country, the conference fosters discussions about the role of philanthropy in the contemporary society, strengthens professional networks, builds the management acumen to necessary for vibrant institutions, and cultivates leadership in the social sector and beyond. This year's theme, Adaptive Philanthropy, Resilient Sector, will draw upon these rich experiences and share new innovative approaches from organizations that are pushing the boundaries of philanthropy to achieve greater impact. YPC has hosted leaders in the field including Richard Shadyac, CEO of ALSAC - St. Jude Children's Research Hospital; Hilary Pennington, Vice President of the Ford Foundation; and La June Montgomery Tabron, President and CEO of W. K. Kellogg Foundation.
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Yale U.S. China Forum

The Yale US China Forum is a student-led conference at Yale University that seeks to initiate discussions on forward-looking issues in China. Our vision is to help participants understand the ever-evolving social and business landscape in China, explore cooperative opportunities between U.S. and China, and foster ideas for the future development of China both domestically and internationally. This year, our theme will be The China Accelerator for World Development with a focus on such topics as Private Equity & Venture Capital, Healthcare, Macro Economy & Public Policy, and more.

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Yale Young Women's Leadership Launch (YWLL)

The Yale Young Women's Leadership Launch (YWLL) is a yearly conference where high school women from around the New Haven community are invited to participate in a day of speakers, activities, and learning. The Young Women’s Leadership Launch aims to be a life-changing experience for rising young women leaders to reach for the highest leadership positions. YWLL builds each participant’s perceptions of personal leadership and agency. YWLL also seeks to ignite and expand the interests of each participant to consider industries in which women are under-represented, including business, politics, engineering, and others.

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