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Yale is a place to think about big ideas. And to build knowledge, skills, and connections that will benefit you for the rest of your life.

Work with other students to bring top industry leaders together for a conference. Connect with the Global Network for Advanced Management. Help a nonprofit in South Africa reach more people. Have lunch with a Fortune 500 CEO. You have all of Yale and all of the world available to you.

Featured Event

A Team Effort

Each fall, a majority of the first-year class gathers for a day-long case competition, sponsored by the Consulting Club and Net Impact. Students work together in small teams to think through a business problem with a social dimension. One team takes home the prize at the end of the day, but every participant builds connections and professional skills.

Student Clubs

Clubs host  conferences and bring speakers to campus, keeping you informed about the latest developments in your industry. They'll help you prepare for the recruiting process with boot camps and mock interviews. And they'll provide leadership opportunities, allowing you to put into practice what you learn in class.

Leaders Forum
Garstka Cup
Yale Philanthropy Conference

Conferences and Events

Throughout the year, you will have opportunities to both broaden and deepen your pool of knowledge. Hear from the top decision makers from the private, public, and nonprofit sectors who regularly visit campus. Learn how to appreciate a new sport. Team up with fellow students to plan a major conference.

Featured Post

Clubs at SOM through the Eyes of a Rugby Club Leader

Hilde Dahmer ’16: This year, for the first time, there is a women’s team for the Yale Graduate Rugby Club. We went from just me in September 2014 to six noble women playing at the Duke tournament in April 2015, to this fall having 17 women on the team from all over the graduate and professional schools at Yale. We play fixtures, we have training once a week, and we’ve even started fitness sessions! We recently went on a brewery tour after our game with UMass Law. We even have sponsors. How did we do this?

Ask a Student

Our Admissions Ambassadors are students who have volunteered to answer questions about clubs, the curriculum, and life at Yale.

Class Profile

Learn more about our accomplished and diverse students.

Our Community

You'll get to know classmates who were bankers, entrepreneurs, teachers, consultants, and relief workers, and who have lived and worked in countries across the globe. These people will become friends and colleagues, enriching your two years at Yale and forming a lifelong personal and professional network.

Our Campus

Evans Hall is a striking modern architectural landmark with innovative classrooms and signature spaces signaling its strong ties to Yale and the global community.

Partners and Families

Resources and information for students who will come to New Haven with a family.

Life at Yale

At Yale SOM, you join a hardworking and close-knit community of graduate and professional students, faculty, staff, and families.