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Sam Witmer

Sam Witmer ’24


Internship: Wayfair

I worked at Accenture for five years, primarily consulting in technical modernization projects for a U.S. Department of Homeland Security agency. I loved the work and making an impact, but after a few years, I wanted to move onto the tech space where I could do similar work but at a faster pace. I thought an MBA would be the perfect way to build the connections and skills I’d need to pivot to a new industry.

I wanted an MBA program where I could build my skill set while becoming part of a community. I found it at Yale SOM. From day one, I’ve been blown away by how the people here are truly a reflection of the school’s values and its commitment to both business and society. At a happy hour for admitted students in D.C., I noticed right away how warm and welcoming everyone was. It was clear to me then how thoughtful Admissions is, cultivating the SOM culture through the people they admit. 

Sam Witmer ’24 with friends
Sam Witmer ’24 with friends

The core curriculum has given me a much more complete view of business. It’s bridged my undergraduate business education with my time working in federal consulting and made me a well-rounded candidate as I look to pivot industries. Classes like State and Society have broadened my understanding of the intersection of politics and business, while courses like Modeling Managerial Decisions and Competitor have developed my business acumen and expanded my skill set.

I’ve become passionate about sharing the SOM culture with everyone, and I’ve been able to do this through my Student Government role as an MBA Admissions Chair. This year we created a virtual club fair for newly admitted students to connect with current SOM club leaders. It ended up being a tremendous undertaking, as we had to coordinate more than 30 clubs. But the outpouring of support was incredible. By the end, more than 70 students attended, and every club Zoom room went off without a hitch. The commitment to showing admits why this school is special was truly touching and emblematic of what makes SOM so unique.