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Understand the hard problems. Create solutions.

You're the head of a multinational firm preparing a takeover bid. How do you weigh financial value against political risk?

You manage a sovereign wealth fund. How do your investment decisions affect the long-term welfare of your nation?

As a business leader, how should you address severe societal inequities?

These questions don't have simple answers. To make the right decision, you need to understand all the stakeholders involved and their varied points of view, draw on your own creativity and a breadth of insights, and use a rigorous foundation of analysis and knowledge.

Yale SOM's MBA curriculum is designed to teach you the skills you will need to lead in these kinds of complex, fast-moving scenarios.

Team Teaching

In many SOM courses, faculty from different disciplines teach sessions together, bringing a greater range of perspectives to the discussion.

Raw Cases

The unique Yale SOM "raw" online case format captures the complexity of real decision making by presenting leadership questions with all their challenges and ambiguities.

Broad Perspective

The Yale MBA core curriculum starts with the way modern organizations actually work and teaches you to analyze and understand the full scope of information you need to make good decisions. Electives, both at Yale SOM and throughout Yale University, build on this foundation to help you develop extended lines of sight on the challenges of the global marketplace.

Subject Expertise

The foundation of a great university, like Yale, is the deep expertise of its faculty developed through the continual search for new knowledge. At SOM, senior faculty teach in the classroom from day one.

Develop as a Leader

Every day becomes a leadership experience. Lead teams of fellow students in small-group assignments and extracurricular activities. Take the helm at one of 50-plus student clubs. Found a new business or social venture. Build your potential.

Leadership Thinking and Practice

You will learn about the latest thinking on leadership throughout the curriculum. You will also advance your individual leadership goals by doing—for example, running student clubs, organizing distinctive Yale SOM events, or launching your own venture.

Global Reach

International study is a required component of the Yale MBA. But awareness of global connections is a deep part of discussion and action at the school every day. Through the connections of the Yale network, as well as the 32-school Global Network for Advanced Management, you will gain a view to every corner of the globe.