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Year 2: Electives

Explore and deepen your expertise

As a student at Yale SOM, you will learn from faculty advancing the frontiers of knowledge and learn with peers who bring remarkable backgrounds and accomplishments to classroom discussions.

You will tailor your course of study by taking business, management, and leadership courses from SOM and adding as many courses as you choose from other parts of Yale University.

SOM students who take a class in another Yale department
Yale students in SOM classes
MBA students pursuing joint degrees
Solomon Benghan

Solomon Benghan ’24

Consulting, Data Analytics, Technology

“Identifying the fundamental variables that influence diverse outcomes, whether intended or unintended, within businesses and societies allows us to effectively adjust our decisions, policies, and processes to enhance or rectify future outcomes. The Data Analysis and Causal Inference course equipped me with essential techniques for deducing causality, enhancing my proficiency in empirical analysis. These newfound skills will prove invaluable in my career as I engage in research and conduct various types of analyses.”

Big Data
Strategic Market Measurement
Management of Software Development
Security Analysis and Valuation
Business Ethics

Bhavin P Chhaya

Bhavin P. Chhaya ’24

Climate, Energy, Finance

“I came to SOM to build a career in climate finance, and SOM offered the perfect mix of electives that helped me understand how to deploy different asset classes to create a positive environmental impact. Renewable Energy Project Finance—a hands-on, cross-listed course with the School of Environment—taught me how to build financial models. ESG Investing helped me understand the nuances of ESG considerations in public markets, and the guest speakers in Private Capital and Impact Investing helped me understand how to integrate financial and impact goals while deploying private capital. One of my favorite electives was Interpersonal and Group Dynamics: It is a deeply personal and insightful experience that enhanced my ability to navigate difficult conversations and be more influential in personal and professional settings.”

Private Capital and Impact Investing
ESG Investing
Financing Green Technologies
Nonmarket Strategy
Interpersonal and Group Dynamics

Yale School of the Environment
Energy Systems Analysis
Renewable Energy Project Finance

London Business School Semester Exchange
Energy Markets: Transition to Sustainability
Using Analytics for Social and Environmental Impact

Yesowl Jung ‘24

Yesowl Jung ’24


“Upon my arrival at Yale SOM, I was amazed to see the diverse array of courses the school has to offer. It was genuinely remarkable to witness how SOM students are granted equal access to a myriad of extraordinary courses within the broader Yale community. The in-depth and hands-on knowledge embedded in these courses captivated me, catering to my intellectual curiosity as a former consultant and investor.”

International Experience 
Strategic Management of Nonprofit Organizations
Marketing Strategy
Strategic Market Measurement
Private Equity: Leveraged Buyouts
ESG Investing

Yale School of the Environment
Renewable Energy Project Finance 

Akio Kato

Akio Kato ’24


Consulting, Healthcare

“Pursuing a joint MBA/MPH degree, I found immense satisfaction in immersing myself in the interdisciplinary electives offered by both Yale SOM and the Yale School of Public Health, which weaved together the goals of social impact and financial sustainability within the healthcare sector. My interest in marketing was piqued by the Marketing Strategy course. Centering on the ‘resource-based view’ strategy, this class equipped me with the knowledge to maximize a corporation’s resources for competitive superiority.”

Health Care Policy, Finance, and Economics
Consumer Behavior
Marketing Strategy
Mastering Influence and Persuasion

Yale School of Public Health
Cost-Effectiveness Analysis and Decision Making

Liv Ouyang ‘24

Liv Ouyang ’24


“At SOM, we have the unique opportunity to take as many electives as we want from departments across all of Yale University. I believe that exceptional leaders must have a broad understanding of multiple disciplines, and I am grateful for the privilege of learning from professors and classmates with varied experiences and expertise. SOM’s curriculum provides me with endless opportunities to expand my knowledge beyond the confines of traditional business.”

Modern Philanthropy

The Jackson School of Global Affairs
Ethical Choices in Public Leadership

Yale School of the Environment
Renewable Energy Project Finance
Maple: From Tree to Table

Yale Divinity School
Continuing Bonds with the Dead through Art

Niagara Pal ‘24

Niagara Pal ’24

Consumer Packaged Goods

“I am constantly amazed by the variety of topics covered by electives at SOM. I have been able to build my skills in management and leadership and also learn about subjects that I don’t have much familiarity with, like accounting and private equity. It’s exciting to be able to explore my diverse interests in marketing, corporate social responsibility, and international economics all in the same term!”

Human Capital Strategy
Nonmarket Strategy
Managerial Controls
America’s Future Role in the Global Economy

Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile
Omnichannel Strategy (Small Network Online Course)

Jackie Peszynski  '24

Jackie Peszynski ’24

Data Analytics, Technology

“One of the most valuable electives I’ve taken is the Yale Center for Customer Insights Discovery Project. I had the privilege of collaborating with four fellow MBA students on a client project exploring the barrier beliefs parents hold about their children’s social media usage. Given my more quantitative background as a data analyst, I found the process of conducting both secondary and qualitative research immensely beneficial, particularly in engaging our target audience through one-on-one interviews. Learning the art of discerning when to inquire more and when to actively listen, along with mastering the art of probing questions to unveil consumer beliefs, was hugely rewarding.”

Human Capital Strategy
Marketing Strategy
Large Language Models
Customer Insights and Applications

Yale Law School/Yale School of the Environment
Critical Race Theory

Pooja Rai

Pooja Rai ’24


“One of my favorite elective courses is Impact Measurement and Financial Reporting in the Social Sector. In my six years of running a nonprofit, I was constantly trying to create a more effective impact. This class is not just about social good; it’s about mastering critical thinking and problem-solving to tackle complex challenges—skills valuable in any sector. We’re learning to dissect problems, quantify results, and scale solutions, whether it’s tackling climate change or creating a beneficial banking system. It’s a potent toolkit for maximizing impact and driving meaningful change wherever you work.”

Impact Measurement & Financial Reporting in the Social Sector
Economic Analysis of High-Tech Industries
Market Failures and Economic Policy in Developing Countries
Data Analysis and Causal Inference
Corporate Finance
Healthcare Strategy
Game Theory & Market Design


Kieran Raphael ’24

Energy, Finance

“After coming to SOM with no professional experience in clean energy, I credit the electives I took with helping propel me into my solar internship and future energy finance career. Renewable Energy Project Finance was huge for learning how to model returns for large-scale infrastructure projects, and Financing Green Tech introduced cool perspectives for how clean-tech startups can access different types of funding. I also made sure to take a non-SOM course each semester and 100% encourage others to do the same.”

Security Analysis
Financing Green Technologies
Renewable Energy Project Finance
Private Capital and Impact Investing

Yale School of the Environment
Green Building: Issues & Perspectives

A.J. Roy

A.J. Roy ’24

MBA/MFA (School of Drama)

Arts, Consulting

“I have loved the balance of theory and practice in my electives. Some classes ask me to wrestle with dilemmas I may not face for 10 to 15 years; others give me highly practical skills that I will use as soon as I graduate. Customizing my second year has been a major highlight. It’s very normal to take classes beyond SOM, and some of my favorite conversations with friends are about the non-SOM classes they are taking: in architecture, law, global affairs, public health, the environment, and more.”

Leading Small and Medium Enterprises
Strategic Management of Nonprofit Organizations
Political Ethics and Issues in Organizations
Managing Social Enterprises
Modern Philanthropy

David Geffen School of Drama at Yale
Law in the Arts
Artistic Producing

Yale College
Financial Markets (with Nobel Laureate Robert Shiller)

Celeste Watkins ‘24

Celeste Watkins ’24


“I knew that coming into an MBA program I could artificially constrain myself to primarily electives that I would be ‘good’ at. But I came to Yale to challenge myself. Sometimes it can be frustrating, but I have to remind myself that the skills will be invaluable in our ever-changing future—and some of the most difficult classes have taught me the most.”

Leading Small and Medium Enterprises
Management of Software Development
Nonmarket Strategy

Graduate School of Arts and Science
Nature and the Modern Museum

Max Yamamoto

Max Yamamoto ’24

MBA/Master’s in Asset Management

Finance, Energy

“At Yale SOM, I have focused on deepening my financial expertise and understanding the social implications of business decisions. In Quantitative Investing, I engaged in an in-depth study of nearly 100 articles that built the foundation of the financial industry, enhancing my practical knowledge and coding skills. Renewable Energy Project Finance involved thoroughly analyzing more than 600 pages of documents, leveraging Excel models to assess project economics. At the same time, I learned the social dimensions of business. Through ESG Investing, I reviewed the measurement and meaning of ESG aspects in investing. This aspect of my education cultivated a strong awareness of social responsibility, shaping me into a leader who excels in financial acumen and social values.”

Quantitative Investing
Financial Econometrics & Machine Learning
ESG Investing
Big Data & Customer Analysis

Yale School of the Environment
Renewable Energy Project Finance

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