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Lessons Learned from Leadership of the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission


A special series of abstracts from key leadership of the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission (FCIC) was recently published in the Journal of Financial Crises, an online publication of the Yale Program on Financial Stability that seeks to create, preserve, and disseminate knowledge about financial crises. 

Included in this roster are the commission’s Chairman Phil Angelides, Executive Director Wendy Edelberg, General Counsel Gary J. Cohen, Deputy to the Director of Research Ron Borzekowski, and Directors of Investigation and Research respectively, Chris Seefer and Greg Feldberg. 

These abstracts were based on interviews conducted as part of the YPFS Lesson Learned Oral History Project, which harvests the insights of key decisionmakers forged in their efforts to successfully manage past financial crises. Among the topics discussed in this set of abstracts and the related interviews are the power of the subpoena, the value of better coordination among financial regulators, the need for transparent and open communication in a crisis, the rewards of public service even in the most challenging times and much more. 

Read the abstracts in the Journal of Financial Crises

The full interviews can be accessed in the YPFS Resource Library