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Yale SOM Class of 2020 Receives Degrees

More than 500 members of the graduating Class of 2020 received their degrees on May 18.

Five hundred and thirty-one members of the Yale School of Management’s graduating Class of 2020 received their degrees on May 18.

The graduating class included 342 students in the full-time MBA program, 60 in the Master of Advanced Management program, 68 in the MBA for Executives program, 10 in the Master’s Degree in Systemic Risk program, and 51 in the Master’s Degree in Global Business and Society program.

The COVID-19 pandemic prevented Yale University from holding its traditional Commencement events, and the School of Management from holding a diploma ceremony at Edward P. Evans Hall. Graduates will receive their diplomas by mail, and the school will hold an in-person Commencement ceremony when it’s safe to gather in person.

Yale SOM Dean Kerwin K. Charles congratulated the class in a video message.

“It is my distinct honor and privilege to congratulate you, the Yale SOM Class of 2020, on the completion of your studies,” he said. “Your achievement would be impressive under normal circumstances; in this unprecedented time, what you have done is even more extraordinary.”

Charles noted that the leadership of the class is badly needed at a time in which the world faces a vast crisis.

“I deeply appreciate how challenging are the prevailing circumstances into which you are graduating,” Charles said. “And yet, I cannot help but feel that a time like this, as challenging as it is and undoubtedly will be, is the type of moment for which you are especially well prepared.

“And so, while as your dean I regret that you begin or resume your professional careers at this challenging time, as a member of the society you will lead, I am relieved and reassured that we will all benefit from your skills and passion.”

He also welcomed the students to the Yale SOM alumni community. “You are joining a remarkable group of alumni, now spanning more than 40 years,” Charles said. “We are proud to have the great Yale SOM Class of 2020 representing us, and my wish is that your achievements and happiness know no ends.”


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