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Video: Student Club Hosts ‘Economic Development 101’

Profs. Kate Cooney and Mushfiq Mobarak visited the student-led Economic Development Club this fall to share their expertise. The presentation is one example of the many extracurricular learning opportunities that Yale SOM students enjoy.

Coursework isn’t the only way that Yale SOM students build the knowledge and networks to lead. Outside of the classroom, student-led clubs convene visiting alumni and other leaders, as well as Yale faculty, in informal settings for interactive discussions and presentations that allow students to dive more deeply into specialized topics, complementing coursework with real-world, often personal, insights.

During the fall semester, Kate Cooney, senior lecturer in social enterprise and management, and Mushfiq Mobarak, professor of economics, visited the Economic Development Club to deliver a presentation titled “Economic Development 101.” Cooney discussed domestic economic development, and Mobarak addressed international economic development.

Economic Development Club member Laura Wood ’21 says the visit underscores SOM faculty members’ accessibility and willingness to connect with their students on both an intellectual and personal level: Yale SOM professors are “really open and receptive to giving you that extra step of education or having a coffee chat with you.”