Yale School of Management

Global Network Faculty Survey Finds Support for Urgent Action on Climate Change

A survey of faculty experts in the Global Network for Advanced Management found support for urgent action to address climate change, on the part of businesses, governments, and business schools. 

According to the survey, conducted in December 2018, the faculty members overwhelmingly agree that climate change and its impact on business and society should be incorporated into the core MBA curriculum. They also agree that climate change poses a material risk to businesses, which, respondents say, must take action on climate risks regardless of government policy. In response, most said, companies should incorporate climate risk when making decisions about investments, innovation, relationships, and talent acquisition.

About half of the faculty experts backed a global carbon tax. Majorities estimated that a such a tax is likely to happen by 2030 and that most are optimistic that global carbon regulation is achievable by 2030 and that a carbon-neutral economy is achievable by 2050.

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