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The Brio Fund team

Students Rev Up Their Startups at Tsai CITY Accelerator

Every fall and spring semester, Yale students who are developing startups have the opportunity to particiapte in the Tsai CITY Accelerator, a program that runs every fall and spring semester and guides students and teams with innovative ideas through the process of building effective organizations, projects, and ventures through workshops, mentorship, and funding. Among this fall’s Accelerator cohort of 14 teams were several Yale SOM students. 

Greater Good Solar

Evan Beinecke ’19 and Hannah Beinecke ’20, both Silver Scholars, participated in the Accelerator with this startup to finance solar for low-income communities and send a portion of the profits to education and green jobs training in the community.

Y Circular (formerly Pequi)

Apoorv Chaturvedi ’19 and Marina de Melo Sa Roriz ’19 participated in the Accelerator with this e-commerce platform that enables people to share their things, creating virtual closets.

Representation 2.0

Helen Knight ’20 and Ben Glassman brought to the Accelerator this leadership incubator that develops diverse college students’ passion, abilities, and connections to encourage them to run for representative office in the U.S. government.


Alikiah Barclay ’19 brought to the Accelerator ReRent, an Airbnb management service enabling students (and one day all travelers) to monetize their apartment space while they’re away through Airbnb without any of the hassle normally involved. Instead of dealing with the hassle of Airbnb hosting themselves, ReRent provides a start-to-finish, professional service allowing everyone to host effortlessly and profitably just by signing up.

The Brio Fund

Daisy Rosales ’20 and Aaron Rosales brought to the Accelerator this nonprofit organization that funds, develops, and consults with mental health entrepreneurs in vulnerable communities who have a vision to respond to specific mental health needs in their country.

We Develop

Ana Diaz Benitez ’19 and Jose Lopez Carlon brought to the Accelerator a platform where people can invest in real estate development projects in medium-sized cities in Mexico to enjoy the high returns on their money. This company will analyze potential projects of third party developers and select the more feasible, then will track them until completion to protect its investors’ interests.