Yale School of Management

Top 10 Case Studies in Carbon Pricing and Climate Change

When Yale University decided to curb its carbon emissions, it turned to 2018 Nobel Laureate William Nordhaus, Sterling Professor of Economics at Yale, to  create an internal pricing mechanism for carbon. Nordhaus led a task force that came up with different pricing schemes that are being tested for their effectiveness in changing behavior. While Yale’s experience is unusual for an organization, governmental policy makers have turned to carbon pricing as a mechanism for combatting  climate change. Others have sought to influence climate policy through investment screening or by examining supply chains or by considering alternatives like nuclear energy.

Yale cases have examined many of these issues in a number of case studies:

Top 10 Cases in Carbon Pricing & Climate Change

1. Low-Carbon Investing: Commonfund & GPSU

2. Putting a Price on Emissions: Yale University’s Internal Carbon Charge Experiment*

3. Commonfund ESG

4. EU Emissions Trading Scheme

5. Santam: Crop Insurance and Climate Change

6. Connecticut Green Bank: In Pursuit of Inclusive Prosperity*

7. The Future of Nuclear in Connecticut*

8. Golden Agri Resources and Sustainability

9. Palm Oil 2016

10. Trina Solar: Expanding in the U.S. Market

*Case is freely available to the public.