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EMBA Extended Classroom Allows Students to Attend Some Classes Remotely

Classroom technology will allow MBA for Executives students to participate in classes and team breakout sessions from their homes or during business travel.

Starting this fall, students in Yale SOM’s MBA for Executives program will be able to attend some in-residence weekends remotely, using computer technology to participate in classes and team breakout sessions. The program, called the Extended Classroom, has been piloted by a small group of EMBA students this year.

Students in the EMBA program travel to New Haven every other weekend for classes on Friday and Saturday, as well as attending four in-residence weeks over the course of the 22-month program. Through the Extended Classroom, students will have the option of attending a limited number of in-residence weekends remotely. Students will not be able to use the Extended Classroom for consecutive weekends, and the total number of students using the system on any given weekend will be limited. All students will continue to attend in-residence weeks in person.

The technology being used for the Extended Classroom includes Evans Hall’s existing classroom cameras and screens, as well as new screens displaying video feeds of students participating remotely. Cameras and screens in all of Evans Hall’s breakout rooms allow students to participate in team meetings.

In a blog post announcing the Extended Classroom, Senior Associate Dean David Bach said that it would broaden the EMBA program’s appeal by making the program a more viable option for those who live far from New Haven or sometimes have professional, family, or other personal obligations.

“A growing number of our program participants reside far from New Haven, including abroad, and many are constantly traveling for work,” he wrote. “The Extended Classroom gives all Yale EMBA students a measure of flexibility and reassurance; they know they can keep up with the program even if circumstances prevent them from coming to campus for a given class weekend.”

The Extended Classroom was designed to increase flexibility for students while maintaining the EMBA program’s rigorous, tight-knit character, Bach added: “The Yale MBA for Executives will continue to be what it is known for—a Yale program, delivered on campus by an extraordinary faculty, that builds an enduring community of purpose.”

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