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Silver Scholars Program Marks 15 Years

The program also marks its 100th graduate this year.

Current students and alumni of Yale SOM’s Silver Scholars Program gathered at Edward P. Evans Hall this spring to mark two milestones: the program’s 15th anniversary and its 100th graduate. At the event on May 10, they paid tribute to Professor Barry Nalebuff, who helped create the Silver Scholars Program and has since recruited and mentored students in the program.

The Silver Scholars Program offers ambitious college seniors the opportunity to accelerate their careers by pursuing an MBA immediately after graduation. Students spend a year at Yale SOM, complete an extended internship of a year or more, and then return to Yale to complete the MBA program.

In a tribute to Nalebuff, the scholars wrote, “The Silver Scholar Program that you architected has profoundly changed each of our lives…. Thank you for believing in us, challenging us, and helping us to do our best!”

Hear Barry Nalebuff describe the Silver Scholars Program.