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Global Network Schools Partner for Five-Country Immersion Program

Global Network schools in Brazil, China, Turkey, Spain, and U.S. join to create immersion program for business students.

Member schools of the Global Network for Advanced Management in Brazil, China, Turkey, Spain, and the U.S. have joined together to launch a global immersion program. The week-long program will give business students at the schools the opportunity to pursue intensive study in another country, leveraging the expertise, people, programs, and perspective of a partner school.

The five participating schools are FGV Escola de Administração de Empresas de São Paulo, Renmin University School of Business, Koç University Graduate School of Business, IE Business School, and the Yale School of Management. Each school will host an academic program organized around a theme and featuring some of its most-sought-after faculty; the week will also include company visits, cultural activities, and networking. Students from participating schools will have the opportunity to attend any of the immersion programs.

The themes for the five programs are:

• "Marketing for Low Income in Latin America," hosted by FGV in São Paulo, Brazil.

• "Entrepreneurial Practices in the Emerging Market: A Focus on China’s Cultures, Economic Environment, and Business Models," hosted by Renmin in Beijing, China.

• "Economic Crisis: Lessons to Be Learned from the Turkish Economy’s Re-emergence after an Economic Collapse in 2001," hosted by Koç in Istanbul, Turkey.

• "Europe at a Crossroads: Coping with the Crisis, Completing Monetary Union, and Deriving Implications for the World," hosted by IE Business School in Madrid, Spain.

• “From Madison Avenue to Wall Street: Everything You Need to Know about Behavioral Economics,” hosted by Yale SOM in New Haven, USA.

The Global Network for Advanced Management is a consortium of 22 international business schools, including Yale SOM, that connects faculty, students, and deans with their peers worldwide to improve business education in an increasingly globalized, more competitive world.