Yale School of Management

Greater China Board of Advisors

Liang Meng ’97, Co-Chair
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Ascendent Capital Partners Limited

Kevin Y. Zhang ’94, Co-Chair
Founder & Chief Investment Officer
Hereditas Capital Management

Raymond N. Chang ’96
Managing Director
NXT Ventures Management, LLC

Steven Chapman ’85
Group Vice President
Cummins, Inc. 

Alan Chen 02
Fosun Private Equity

Shirley Chen ’95
Managing Director, CICC
Executive Chairwoman, CICC Investment Management Committee

Raymond Chit Man Chia ’89
Managing Director
AP Capital Group, Ltd.

Edward J. Fang ’91
Living Word High School – China

Brian Gu ’99
Vice Chairman & President
XPENG Motors

Brad Z. Huang ’90
Lotus Capital Management

Wenxi Huang ’12
Great China International Group Hotel Management Limited
Great China Properties Holdings Limited

Liqing Jia ’01
CEO, Harvest Capital International
Managing Director, Harvest Alternative Investment Group

Robert E. Johnson ’03
Managing Director
JP Morgan Chase & Co.

Yan Liu Johnson ’96
Chairman of the Board & CEO
Wuxi SiFong Information Technology Co. Ltd.

David Hui Li ’94
Chairman & CEO
Centurium Capital

Hank Lin ’89
Director of the Board
DE LIN Institute of Technology

Jack Ling ’97
Managing Director and Partner
Prime Capital Management

Gilda Liu ’03 
CEO & Director
Lead Fortune Technology

Ping Ping ’03
Managing Director
Chengwei Capital

Yongqiang Qian ’00
Founder and Chief Investment Officer
QQQ Capital Management

Colm Rafferty ’04
Vice President, Asia Pacific
Chairman, Vermeer China – Beijing

Sally Shan ’97
Managing Director
HarbourVest Investment Consulting (Beijing) Company Limited

Nan Peng Shen ’92 M.A.
Steward of Sequoia
Founding and Managing Partner of Sequoia China

Eddie Sun-Keung Tam ’93
Founder, CEO & Chief Investment Officer
Central Asset Investments

Derek Shiun-Sheng Wang ’89
Chairman of the Board
China Chemical & Pharmaceutical Group

Sam Wong ’89
Executive Director 
China Renewable Energy, HKC Holdings

Kevin Ye ’04
Chief Executive Officer
Salubris Pharmaceuticals

Siuman Shirley Yeung ’93
Founder & Managing Partner
Dragonrise Capital

Wayne Zhang ’96
Founding Managing Partner 
LDV Partners 

Feng Zhou ’03
Co-Founder & CFO