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Winter Market Holiday Gift Guide

Support Yale entrepreneurs and shop locally this holiday season.

On Wednesday, November 28th over a dozen Yale entrepreneurs gathered in the Beinecke Terrace at the School of Management to share their products with the public at the first ever Winter Market. The idea for the event started with SOM student, Ariana Day Yuen, who then collaborated with the SOM Entrepreneurship Club as it became clear that fellow entrepreneurs were excited to participate. The night was a great success and provided the opportunity for shoppers to check off some of the people on their holiday checklist. We’ve rounded up a list of some of the vendors who participated so that even if you missed the Winter Market, you can still shop locally this season!

Zoni Foods (Zoe Lloyd SOM/FES ‘17, Recipient of the Fuad El-Hibri ’82 Entrepreneurial Award (2017))

Zoni Foods
Zoni Foods (Zoe Lloyd SOM/FES ‘17)

Zoni Foods is a line of plant-based, convenient frozen meals that is perfect for the health-conscious loved one in your life who just doesn’t have the time in their schedule to spend making every meal in the kitchen. Have a friend who is looking to cut down on their meat consumption or do their part to support the environment? This is the gift for them!

Instagram: @zonifoods
Twitter: @zonifoods

Merry Go Rounds: Hand Me Up (Melissa Mazzeo SOM/FES ’20, Cyndi Chen SOM ’19, Jatin Batra SOM ’19, Recipients of the Marshalla and Jay S. Yadav, M.D. ’79 B.A. Entrepreneurial Award (2018))

Hand Me Up

Merry Go Rounds: Hand Me Up (Melissa Mazzeo SOM/FES ’20, Cyndi Chen SOM ’19, Jatin Batra SOM ’19) – photo by Soy Kim

Hand Me Up is a collaboration with Merry Go Rounds - a clothing store with the goal of making shopping for children’s clothing more circular, sustainable and fun! We all know how expensive clothing can be especially for those who have fast-growing young ones. Hand Me Up by Merry Go Rounds is the perfect gift option for anyone in your life with kids!

Instagram: @wearemerry
Twitter: @wearemerry

Y Circular (Marina de Melo Sa Roriz SOM ’19, Apoorv Chaturvedi SOM ’19)

Y Circular is a community-based organization that helps Yale students share items with other students without fear of paying additional fees. Have a Yale student in your life who doesn’t have the time or money to buy an iron they only need to use every few weeks? Know a classmate who is hosting a dinner and needs some extra furniture? Connect them with Y Circular in the spirit of giving!

Instagram: @y.circular

Clotank Ventures (Claude Ankamah SOM ’20)


Clotank Ventures produces beautiful, handmade notebooks with one-of-a-kind covers. We were lucky enough to grab a few before all their stock disappeared, but be sure to send him an email so you can have top pick of their next batch! Clotank’s notebooks come in various sizes so they are perfect for the artist in your life or the friend who is in need of a new journal.


Deviant Dumpling (Georgia Sills SOM ‘19, Sarah Mandlebaum SOM ’19)

Deviant Dumplings

Deviant Dumplings are a vegetarian’s dream come true: delicious plant-based dumplings! Those who attended the Winter Market were lucky enough to be able to sample freshly made dumplings at two for $1 with options including Beyond Meat filling that taste like pork and a soy/veggie filling that were equally amazing.

Havenly (Caterina Passoni YC ’18)


Havenly is a non-profit business that sells high quality food made by female refugee chefs. With their mission of helping employees gain economic self-sufficiency and become more connected with the community, their treats not only taste delicious, but you can rest assured that your money is helping people in your neighborhood! Check out their website to see where you can purchase in New Haven or put in an order in advance to surprise your friends with at your next holiday party.

Instagram: @havenlytreats

Walden Hill (Jen Milikowsky SOM/FES ‘15)

Walden Hill

Walden Hill (Jen Milikowsky SOM/FES ‘15)

Walden Hill delivers local, sustainable acorn-fed pork from family farms throughout New England. They have a wide variety of products that can be purchased at local shops or you can place an order directly with Walden Hill! Impress the carnivores in your life with some Walden Hill charcuterie, sausages, or smoked meats this winter!

Instagram: @waldenhillco
Twitter: @waldenhill
Facebook: Walden Hill

NFYLoved (Ha-andza Young, SOM ’19)


Have someone sentimental in your life? Consider purchasing them a more unique gift this year! NFYLoved produces flower-drying stands so that you can save those beautiful bouquets without destroying their shape. Reach out to them through their Instagram to place your order before the holidays!

Instagram: nfyloved

Plentiful (Jason Yang YC ‘09)

Plentiful produces plant-based, all natural meals that contain 100% of the daily recommended vegetables in one compact container. With two main options - Ratatouille and Carrot Tabbouleh - these are a great gift for the health conscious loved one in your life looking for a great meal option that requires little to no preparation. Check out their website to find out where to pick up a few containers!

Instagram: eatplentiful

Maryiza Honey of Forested Foods (Ariana Day Yuen, SOM ’19, recipient of the Henry F. McCance Entrepreneurial Award (2018))


Maryiza Honey of Forested Foods (Ariana Day Yuen, SOM ’19)

Have you always thought honey tastes the same no matter where it comes from? Think again! Maryiza Honey produces single-origin honeys that have their own distinct taste and are both organic and raw. Each individual jar describes exactly what flora and region the batch comes from out of Ethiopia and their size makes them the perfect stocking stuffer for everyone on your list.

Instagram: @maryizahoney

Rumikraft (Betul Merve Faki, New Haven-based start-up)

Rumikraft (Betul Merve Faki, New Haven-based start-up)

Love handmade crafts, but don’t have the time to create your own before the holidays? Rumikraft crafts one-of-a-kind crochet dolls that both the children and adults in your life will love! Options range from dragons and raccoons to reindeers with holiday sweaters so make sure to sneak a peek at their Instagram account to see all the options! Have a different idea in mind? Send them a message and see what they can create for you.

Instagram: @rumikraft

ReRent (Alikiah Barclay, SOM '19)

Planning a trip to Yale or New Haven, CT? Stay in the apartment of a Yale Graduate Student. Are you a Yale student? Share your place while you're away. ReRent posts your place on Airbnb for you and completely handles guests operations while you're away. This is the perfect option consider during the busy travel season so check out their website to learn more!


Homecooked (Kevin Zhen YC’20, Eric Duong YC’20, Hojung Kim)

Homecooked is a social dining platform enabling guests to book dinner events at home dining tables of talented local chefs. The holidays can be a busy time, but also a lonely one for people who don’t have travel plans to spend time with others. Take some time to meet new people and eat some great food this holiday season. Have a friend who will likely be alone during this time? Share the app with them and sign up for a meal together!