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Trailer: IBM Corporate Service Corps Case Study

Initially created for the 5th Anniversary celebration of the Global Network, the IBM CSC trailer combines excerpts from stakeholder interviews, written materials, and provocative questions drawn from the case.

Preview image for the video "IBM CSC Case Study Trailer".

"Transformation is not the same as change. The latter, by definition, is fleeting; the former, lasting. Change is something that happens to you, a wave that you may or may not catch. Transformation is something you build through sustained effort. (…) The same commitment to continuous transformation that leads us to invent a Watson also shapes the role we play in society. In a world best understood as a system of complex systems—natural, economic, societal, cultural—we do not believe that checkbook philanthropy or short-term interventions make an enduring impact. Instead, we seek to establish new institutional forms and to engage broadly in ways that drive sustainable progress." – Virginia Rometty, Chairwoman, President, and CEO of IBM - 2015