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SOMPost September 2021: New networking events, new resumes books, and more

 MBA Class 2023 Collage

And we’re off!

Both academics and campus recruiting have started, with students eagerly engaging in both. Already we have facilitated employer-led IPrepSOM sessions, helped students with early September applications, and published resume books for all our degree programs. Single employer recruiting engagements have begun, Yale SOM CDO hosted networking events start next week, recruiting strategy discussions continue, as does logistic and technical support of events, interviews, and more. Below is a recap of what happened this past month, upcoming opportunities and more. As always, reach out to us with anything at


IPrepSOMs were a hit! 

The recruiting season opened with five employers hosting IPrepSOM sessions for graduating students. Feedback from students was that these interview prep sessions were great avenues to interact early and to learn about interviewing directly from recruiters with September deadlines. Employer hosts already are asking to schedule future IPrepSOM sessions for their internship recruiting efforts, and it would be great to have others join them – be on the lookout shortly for such opportunities, likely in November/December.

All degree resume books available

Visit 12Twenty Resume Books to access resumes books for:

  • Students graduating this winter and seeking full-time roles
  • MBA & MAM students seeking full-time roles after May graduation
  • Global Business and Society (GBS) students seeking full-time early career roles after May graduation
  • Master’s in Asset Management students seeking school-year roles, winternships, and full-time early career roles after May graduation
  • MBA students seeking summer 2022 internships

Student clubs commence

Read more about club sponsorship details and opportunities  

This week wraps Club Kick-off, during which the 50+ student run clubs introduce themselves to the newest Yale SOM students. On Monday, September 20, we will publish resume books for participating clubs in 12Twenty. For the balance of the school year, clubs will host trainings, workshops, speakers, social events, and in some cases, conferences. 


EngageSOMs and HireSOMs start next week 

Next week Friday is a big day at Yale SOM, opening with our first EngageSOM of the season, followed by our first HireSOM event.  EngageSOMs focus on information sharing and interpersonal connections by bringing together multiple employers and Yale SOM students across degrees for a part-education, part-networking, part-recruiting discussion themed around a specific topic; events often include a panel and small group discussions. HireSOMs are more traditional virtual networking events (yes, virtual networking now is traditional) targeting just Yale SOM students; additional networking events include students from outside of Yale SOM. Check 12Twenty to register for any of these events or the other upcoming networking events throughout the year. 

  • EngageSOM-DEI on 9/24/2021 @ 10:00am ET , employer registration is full. Register for the waitlist or to be considered for a potential second event.
  • HireSOM-Asset Management on 9/24/2021 @ 12:00pm ET, register here.
  • Healthcare Consulting Networking Event on 9/24/2021 @ 12:00pm ET, register here.

Investing in IB recruiting at Yale SOM

Investment banking summer internship recruiting opens on Wednesday, September 29, with HireSOM-Investment Banking. This free event is open to all banks recruiting first-year MBAs. Over the course of the following two weeks we will host a series of EngageSOM-Investment Banking, enabling banks and students opportunities to get to know each other even more. All banks are encouraged to register for HireSOM-Investment Banking and one EngageSOM-Investment Banking.

  • HireSOM-Investment Banking on 9/29/2021 @ 5:30pm ET, register here.
  • EngageSOM-Investment Banking on 10/6/2021 @ 5:45pm ET, employer registration is full.
  • EngageSOM-Investment Banking on 10/7/2021 @ 5:45pm ET, employer registration is full.
  • EngageSOM-Investment Banking on 10/8/2021 @ 9:30am ET, register here.
  • EngageSOM-Investment Banking on 10/8/2021 @ 12:00pm ET, register here.

Offer policies 

With recruiting underway, please keep in mind the Yale SOM CDO recruiting policies. In particular, all full-time offers must remain open for four weeks or until November 30, 2021 (whichever is later), without any material change to the offer. All summer internship offers must remain open for three weeks or until February 1, 2022 (whichever is later), also without any material change to the offer. These policies apply to all offers, including those through diversity initiatives. 

Interactivity in virtual recruiting

The Yale SOM CDO has recently contracted with Hopin, a virtual platform that supports a variety of engaging formats. Whether you are mimicking auditorium style presentations, career fair booth designs, or speed-networking formats, Hopin is ideal. Reach out to your Employer Partnerships Manager if you are exploring new formats for engaging as we may be able to provide access to Hopin for your event.


Upcoming CDO hosted recruiting events   

The opportunities continue into fall!

EMBA recruiter panel and networking

On October 21, Noon-1pm ET, Yale SOM will host “EMBA Career Insights: Experienced Hire Recruiter Panel & Interactive Discussions.” The event includes a panel of recruiters sharing their experiences on how EMBA students stand out in the recruiting process, and then moves to small group networking. If you are interested in serving as a recruiter participant, contact your Employer Partnerships Manager.  

  • HireSOM-All industries on 10/29/2021 @ 12:00pm ET, register here.
  • EngageSOM-Retail and Consumer Goods on 11/5/2021 @ 12:00pm ET, register here.
  • EngageSOM-Energy on 11/12/2021 @ 10:00am ET, register here
  • EngageSOM-Healthcare on 11/12/2021 @ 12:00pm ET, register here.


The Yale SOM CDO Team

First row (from left to right): Abigail Kies, Assistant Dean, Career Development; Rebecca Stekloff, Deputy Director, Employer Partnerships; Nursen Demiroz, Employer Partnerships Manager
Second row (from left to right): Brian Frenette, Employer Partnerships Manager; Rebecca Lineberry (Galko), Employer Partnerships Manager; Kennedy Sani, Employer Partnerships Manager; Molly Cahill, Recruiting Coordinator
Third row (from left to right): Tim Gabriele, Recruiting Coordinator; Vicky Gkesouli, Recruiting Coordinator; Lucija Barisic, Program Manager


Yale SOM Assistant Dean for Admissions details the newest MBA Class of 2023

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We welcome them all! Please send to: