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SOMPost: October 2020

What’s happened?

Networking is working!

Yale SOM has hosted three virtual networking events to date, connecting nearly 50 employers with almost 300 students. Employers with a variety of recruiting needs met and mingled with Yale SOM students with varied backgrounds, skills, desires and degrees. The feedback from all was fantastic! More events are being planned for this school year so stay tuned to 12Twenty for registration details.

EngageSOMs are engaging!

Yale SOM kicked off a new event format, EngageSOM, that brings together students with a few employers for education, networking and recruiting discussions focused on a dedicated topic. This past month we hosted three EngageSOMs for the Investment Banking industry and many more focused events are planned for November and December. Registration opportunities can be found in 12Twenty.

Meet Airmeet

Yale SOM is using the Airmeet platform to facilitate virtual networking . Employers are welcome to host events with Yale SOM students on this platform. Please connect with or your Employer Partnership Manager to learn more about how to incorporate Airmeet into your recruiting strategy, best practices for optimizing an Airmeet event experience, and scheduling a test drive.

What’s happening?

Interviews are underway and job offers are being extended

Recruiting for full-time roles post-graduation is in full swing! At this writing, interviews are occurring, and students are assessing offer opportunities. This process will continue throughout the year, so if you have full-time recruiting needs, reach out as the CDO is happy to help at any time.

Job descriptions are live to all students

As you finalize your job descriptions for full-time and summer internship roles, please submit into 12Twenty, the place to be to ensure Yale SOM students see your great opportunities! Note that all students will see most job postings, regardless of graduation year or degree. The only exception is job descriptions associated with OCI – if Yale SOM is helping to schedule interviews, only the targeted student audience will see the role and be able to apply.

Events are open to all students

Recognizing the realities of virtual recruiting, Yale SOM is sharing most recruiting events with all students, regardless of graduation year or degree. Yale SOM encourages all recruiters to specify a target audience in the form field and in the event description when submitting an event request in 12Twenty. This will help manage student expectations of which events are right for them. A notable exception is coffee chats: for coffee chats Yale SOM schedules, only the targeted student audience will see the opportunity and be able to register.

Your feedback is welcome!

The Yale SOM CDO strives to enhance your recruiting processes through optimal student interview preparedness and seamless logistical support. To advance our efforts, we will be distributing a recruiter survey along with any coffee chat and interview schedules we manage. Please share the survey link with your interviewing colleagues and reach out to with any questions.

What’s Next

Interview Prep Sessions for November and December

Educating Yale SOM students on how to succeed in your interview process is an excellent way to connect with students outside of the traditional recruiting formats. It also is an ideal way to drive applications and improve interview success. Scheduling requests are being considered now for November, aligned with the mock behavior interviews the Yale SOM CDO is hosting. December timing works well too, prior to January interviews. Consider formatting the prep as either small group sessions using the coffee chat format or as a large group workshop.

A new year = new incoming students at Yale SOM

January, 2021 will be the first time Yale SOM welcomes new students to the MAM and GBS one-year degree programs in January. These students will be searching for global summer internship opportunities as they work toward a December, 2021 graduation. We look forward to working with you and these students to find exciting career opportunities.

The spring academic calendar has sprung

Yale SOM has confirmed the spring academic calendar, and it aligns closely with the planning calendar the CDO has been using. A notable exception is that the March break has been reduced to one week.

EngageSOMs in November and December

Register now for the ideal theme for your organization. Note that employer registration may be limited, so prompt registration is encouraged.

EngageSOM: Investment Management on November 6, 2020 @ 9.00 am ET

  • EngageSOM: Food & Beverage on November 6, 2020 @ 12.30 pm ET
  • EngageSOM: Energy on November 6, 2020 @ 2 pm ET
  • EngageSOM: PE/VC on November 13, 2020 @ 12 pm ET
  • EngageSOM: Business & Environment on November 13, 2020 @ 2 pm ET
  • EngageSOM: FinTech on November 13, 2020 @ 2.30 pm ET
  • EngageSOM: M&E – Streaming & Gaming on November 13, 2020 @ 2.30 pm ET
  • EngageSOM: Pharma/Medical Devices on December 11, 2020 @ 9.00 am ET
  • EngageSOM: HealthTech on December 11, 2020 @ 11.30 am ET
  • EngageSOM: Real Estate on December 11, 2020 @ 2.00 pm ET

Meet the Yale SOM CDO

Kennedy Sani

Kennedy Sani has been an Employer Partnership Manager in the Yale SOM CDO for nearly two years. Reach out to Kennedy if your organization works in the Automotive, CPG, Energy, Food & Ag, Healthcare or Manufacturing industries. He is happy to help advise on how best to build a recruiting plan at Yale SOM.

Vicky Gkesouli

Vicky Gkesouli is entering her second year as a Recruiting Coordinator in the Yale SOM CDO. Vicky manages the logistics of scheduling employer interviews and events, provides support for events on Airmeet, and is a go-to resource for students and recruiters alike. Reach out to Vicky at