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SOMPost: November 2020

What’s happened?

October saw the first exams of this school year, which then brought a new academic term with new courses and a new course schedule. This prompted a slight change to the timing of evening recruiting events for first-year MBAs. Also note that Yale SOM academics will be moving fully virtual starting November 30 through December. The current plan is to return to a hybrid delivery of academics with the start of spring semester.

EngageSOMs continue to engage

To date, the Yale SOM CDO has hosted 11 EngageSOMs across eight industries, connecting employers and students in these themed part-education, part-networking, part-recruiting events. We are looking forward to continuing these events in the spring semester; look for dates and details to be added to 12Twenty by December. 

Interactive – Interpersonal – Inclusive: The Three I’s of recruiting

Last spring, Yale SOM worked with students to develop this guide for recruiters. It highlights the staged approach students take towards recruiting, and also includes key considerations for advancing diversity and inclusion throughout recruiting efforts. Throughout all efforts, focusing on creating interactive, interpersonal and inclusive touchpoints is key for students.

What’s happening?

Offer response deadline reminder

As many organizations extend full-time offers and others plan for future full-time and internship interviews, this is a friendly reminder of Yale SOM’s offer response deadlines, part of our recruiting policies. These dates apply to all offers, including those extended through early diversity recruiting initiatives:

  • Full-time offers must be left open until November 30, 2020 or for four weeks after the offer date
  • Internship offers must be left open until February 1, 2021 or for three weeks after the offer date, whichever is later
  • If at any time a student feels that the amount of time granted is not sufficient, the Yale SOM CDO encourages the student to communicate to the organization how much time is required and why the time is needed

Registration open for the Global MBA Career Fair November 23

Register for free today for this Global MBA Career Fair. Over 8000 students from 18 MBA programs across 60+ countries seeking full-time and internship positions across the world also are invited. The event is offered in two sessions to accommodate time zones of recruiters and students alike. Details and registration information for this free event are here.

Interview prep sessions are welcomed by students

Students are eager to learn from practitioners and hiring managers about preparing for interviews. The Yale SOM CDO has been offering behavioral and technical mock interviews for the past few weeks, complemented with employer-hosted interview workshops. This is a great way for employers to build their brand during the recruiting season and to prep students for success in their interview process. If you are interested in hosting a workshop or an interview prep session, please reach out to or your Employer Partnership Manager to learn more.

Internship interviews begin November 30

Yale SOM introduced an early internship interview period this year, and the first rounds of Yale SOM facilitated interviews begin November 30. There will be a break from December 11 through January 4, with Yale SOM facilitated interviews re-commencing January 5, 2021. If you are interested in scheduling Yale SOM facilitated interviews, please reach out to or your Employer Partnership Manager.

Job postings welcome for all experience levels

The Yale SOM CDO will help support many of your recruiting needs, including those for early career through experienced hires and/or for immediate hire. The first step is to post roles in 12Twenty, our career management system – it is easy and free. From there, roles are made visible to:

  • Alumni and current Executive MBA students, seeking immediate hire roles
  • Graduating MBA, MAM and GBS degree students, seeking full-time roles after May 2021 that span early career roles, through traditional campus roles, to experienced hire roles
  • First year MBAs seeking summer 2021 internships

Reach out to or your Employer Partnership Manager with any questions.

What’s Next

Looking to spring semester

Yale SOM has confirmed the spring academic calendar, and it aligns closely with the planning calendar the CDO has been using. Similar to this fall semester, academics will be hybrid while all recruiting will remain virtual.

January interviews

Yale SOM facilitated interviews will begin Tuesday, January 5 for internships and Monday January 25 for full-time roles. If you are interested in scheduling Yale SOM facilitated interviews, please reach out to or your Employer Partnership Manager.

The new year brings new students to Yale SOM

As mentioned in the October SOMPost, 2021 will be the first year Yale SOM welcomes new students to the MAM and GBS one-year degree programs in January. These students will be searching for global summer internship opportunities as they work toward a December 2021 graduation. We look forward to working with you and these students to find exciting career opportunities.

Meet the Yale SOM CDO

Nursen Demiroz

Nursen Demiroz is the newest Employer Partnership Manager in the Yale SOM CDO. Nursen joined in April, 2020, and supports recruiters in the Construction, Real Estate and Financial Services industries, including Diversified Financial Services, Impact Investing, Insurance, Investment Banking, and PE/VC. Nursen can be reached at if you have any questions about recruiting at Yale SOM.

Lucija Barisic

Lucija Barisic serves as the Program Manager for the Employer Partnership Team, and is instrumental in coordinating many employer efforts. Reach out to Lu at for more information about the Global MBA Career Fair, any EngageSOM or HireSOM event, or even this newsletter.