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Shake Shack's Front-of-House

Yale SOM case editors re-create the streamlined design of Shake Shack's front-of-house operations in this original infographic.

Shake Shack assembly design

“Shake Shack's kitchen is in view of the public and food is made to order in front of them, behind a long steel counter. Customers, referred to as ‘guests,’ are greeted by one of the two employees manning the cash registers at one end of the counter. Upon payment, an employee gives customers an electronic token that will inform them when their order is ready. Guests then wait near the counter, or take a seat in the restaurant. The kitchen is organized around three main areas: fries, burgers, hot dogs along one wall; drinks, floats, shakes, and concretes along the opposing wall; and a central aisle, in which orders are put in bags or trays, is delimited by two parallel floating shelves including prep counter space.

The employee area consists of seven stations; cash register, burgers griddle, sandwich assembly, fries and hot dogs, shakes and concretes, drinks, and orders delivery.”