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HireSOM February 25

Learn more and register for upcoming opportunities for employers to engage with Yale SOM students.

HireSOMYou’re invited to our upcoming HireSOM networking event!

Thursday, February 25, 2021 from 7:30-9:00pm ET

HireSOM are free events that bring together employers and Yale SOM students for networking and recruiting for current and anticipated hiring needs.
Participating employers will:

  • Connect with exceptional students with diverse talent profiles

  • Promote their organization and available internship and full-time roles

  • Cultivate a long-term recruiting relationship with Yale SOM

  • Network with other employers

  • Enjoy a valuable and fun recruiting event

HireSOM events are open to all Yale SOM students, including early career master, MBA, and EMBA

  • MBA students seeking summer 2021 internships and full-time roles after graduation in May or December, 2021

  • Master of Advanced Management (MAM) post-MBA students seeking summer 2021 internships and full-time roles after graduation in May or December, 2021

  • Master of Management Studies in Global Business and Society (MMS-GBS) early career students seeking summer 2021 internships and full-time roles after graduation in May or December, 2021

  • EMBA students (experienced professionals) seeking full-time roles (available currently and after graduation)

  • Additional Yale graduate students in affiliated programs such as with Yale School of Public Health and Yale School of the Environment also may attend 

If you register before Monday, February 22, you will receive a resume book of early-registered students. A resume book of all registered students will be available February 24.


Note the three-step registration process:

  • Step 1 - all employer representatives will need to register for HireSOM in advance in 12Twenty; if needed, create an employer account here.

  • Step 2 - all HireSOM participants will need an Airmeet account for the event. Create a free Airmeet account here.

  • Step 3 – all HireSOM participants must participate in an Airmeet test drive if they are unfamiliar with the platform

Come test Airmeet - our new virtual platform

All HireSOM participants are strongly encouraged to test-drive Airmeet in advance of the HireSOM event:

  • Confirm your connection in advance of HireSOM: Verify that access to Airmeet is compatible with your organization’s security, and if necessary, learn how to reduce interference from other video conferencing apps, etc.,

  • Become familiar with the features: Learn how the platform provides for spontaneous, “in-person” one-on-one and small group interactions.

  • Explore Airmeet customization and branding options for the HireSOM event: Consider adding a logo, or entitling your “table” for this event.

Register below for your preferred Airmeet Test Drive, then create your free Airmeet account:

FEBRUARY 18, @12:00 pm - 12:30 pm ET
FEBRUARY 22, @06:30 am - 07:00 am ET
FEBRUARY 23, @08:30 am - 09:00 am ET
FEBRUARY 23, @01:00 pm - 01:30 pm ET
FEBRUARY 24, @01:00pm- 01:30 pm ET 

Can’t attend HireSOM in February?

There are many other recruiting opportunities to explore. If you have current or upcoming hiring needs, we encourage you to e-mail som.recruiting and your dedicated Employer Partnership Manager will respond to facilitate a plan for your recruiting. To post a job or review student resumes in the meantime, visit 12Twenty.