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Stephanie Lu

Stephanie Lu ’23


Internship: MBA Marketing Intern, Consumer Products, Molson Coors

At Georgetown, I was introduced to the Jesuit value cura personalis, a Latin phrase that translates to “care of the whole person.” This principle has guided many of my decisions, including the one that led me to Yale SOM. Since its founding, SOM has focused on fostering leaders for business and society. I believe SOM students self-select to be here because they’re passionate about this mission, and that passion aligned with my own commitment. This community is made up of students who are curious to learn from others, challenge the status quo, and leave an impact. I knew this was the kind of community I wanted to join.

SOM Winter Stroll
students at winter formal
students on vacation
students at trivia night
Clockwise from top left: Enjoying the SOM Winter Stroll, Spring Formal, trivia night, and a trip with friends

Coming to New Haven, I was interested in a career pivot. I wanted to explore organizations that would let me have a direct role on a product that impacts people, so I spent my first few months at Yale SOM speaking with second-year students to learn about their backgrounds, internship experiences, and goals. That’s when I discovered brand management. I researched what industries and organizations could be a good fit. I reached out to numerous alumni, and nearly all responded instantly and offered their time to help me reach my goals.

Through all these conversations, I eventually found my way into a brand management internship at Molson Coors in Chicago. I had an incredible experience, learning so much about not only the beverage industry but also how to be a better, more effective business leader. I was able to play a direct role on the Miller Lite team and help build a brand that impacts millions, equipping me with new perspectives and skills.

At SOM, I’ve been most involved in Women in Management (WIM) and Marketing Club. WIM has introduced me to all the incredible women we have here and provided me with a strong support system. Marketing Club has helped me not only with recruiting but also in providing me with a solid foundation to learn about new industries and functions.

I also have many fond memories of the intramural softball team I joined with my fellow cohort members. Because we are all from the Red cohort, we named our team the Red Lobsters. One of our teammates shared the name with the local Red Lobster restaurant, and funnily enough, they sent us all matching Red Lobster shirts. We didn’t win the championship, but we had such a blast celebrating the end of the season wearing our matching shirts at a Red Lobster dinner before we went off on our separate ways for our summer internships