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At Yale SOM, we are motivated by the school’s mission to educate leaders for business and society. The community is united by the belief that acting on our mission requires us to address the biggest and most pressing challenges in the world today. Such problems can’t be solved through solitary gestures—it takes teamwork, an ability to leverage human capital, and the building of active connections between people, ideas, and resources.

Rakim Brooks ’16 cropped headshot

Rakim Brooks ’16

MBA | President, Alliance for Justice
Joao Rocha ’24 headshot

Joao Rocha ’24

MBA | Internship: MBA Summer Intern, Commercial, Diageo
Ali Nourang Syed ’24

Ali Nourang Syed ’24

MBA | Internship: Summer Investment Banking Associate at JP Morgan Chase & Co.
Jackie Peszynski ’24

Jackie Peszynski ’24

MBA | Internship: Applied Analytics at Nike
Sam Witmer

Sam Witmer ’24

MBA | Internship: Wayfair
Kendall Laws

Kendall Laws ’23

MBA | Internship: Strategy, Ralph Lauren
Jane Cavalier ’23

Jane Cavalier ’23

MBA | Internship: Investment Banking Summer Associate, J.P. Morgan, Media & Communications Group
Nell Diamond ’15 profile photo

Nell Diamond ’15

MBA | Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Hill House Home
Elizabeth Banes ’23

Elizabeth Banes ’23

MBA | Internship: Swensen Fellow, Office of Strategic Analysis at Yale University
Nicholas Zeffiro ’23

Nicholas Zeffiro ’23

MBA | Post-SOM position: McKinsey & Company, Digital and Analytics Practice
Roshni Walia ’23

Roshni Walia ’23

MBA | Post-SOM Position: Associate, McKinsey
Mena Cammett ’12

Mena Cammett ’12

MBA | Senior Risk Officer and Economist, Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency (World Bank Group)
Anna Eapen ’23

Anna Eapen ’23

MBA | Internship: Farber Fellow, REDF
Stephanie Lu

Stephanie Lu ’23

MBA | Internship: MBA Marketing Intern, Consumer Products, Molson Coors
Daniel Hope

Daniel Hope ’23

MBA | Internship: Goldman Sachs (Technology, Media, and Telecom Group)
Malcolm Davis

Malcolm Davis ’23

MBA | Internship: Boston Consulting Group
Jun Xu

Jun Xu ’07

MBA | President, Brighton-Best International
Adam Goldfarb

Adam Goldfarb ’05

MBA | Senior Fellow, Shared Prosperity, Schmidt Futures
Funmi Akinlawon Haastrup

Funmi Akinlawon Haastrup ’03

MBA | Co-founder and Principal, Equity Journey Partners
Sherry Li

Sherry Li ’22

MBA | Post-MBA position: Consultant, Strategy & Performance, The Chartis Group
Andres Brant

Andres Orlando Brant ’22

MBA | Post-MBA Position: Associate Vice President, CIM Group