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Recent Faculty Research and Honors

Faculty publications, awards, and honors over the last year. 


David Argente:

Barbara Biasi:

Tristan Botelho:

  • The Evaluation of Founder Failure and Success by Hiring Firms: A Field Experiment.” Tristan L. Botelho and Melody Chang. Organization Science 34, no. 1 (2023): 484-508.

Alexander Burnap:

Lorenzo Caliendo:

  • “Labor Supply Shocks and Capital Accumulation: The Short and Long Run Effects of the Refugee Crisis in Europe.” Lorenzo Caliendo, Luca D. Opromolla, Fernando Parro, Alessandro Sforza. American Economic Review: Papers and Proceedings (January 2023).
  • “Lessons from U.S.-China Trade Relations.” Lorenzo Caliendo and Fernando Parro. Annual Review of Economics 15 (2023): 513-547.
  • “A Second-Best Argument for Low Optimal Tariffs on Intermediate Inputs.” Lorenzo Caliendo, Robert Feenstra, John Romalis, Alan M. Taylor. Journal of International Economics 145 (2023).
  • “Tariff Reductions, Heterogeneous Firms, and Welfare: Theory and Evidence for 1990–2010. Lorenzo Caliendo, Robert Feenstra, John Romalis, Alan M. Taylor. IMF Economic Review 71 (2023).

Teresa Chahine:

Todd Cort:

  • “Fiduciary Duty and Climate Change: Thinking Beyond Short-Term Profit.” Moldovan, T. Cort, M. Goldberg, J. Marlon, A. Leiserowitz. I by IMD (December 2023).
  • “Proposed SEC Climate Rules: Implications for the US Health Care Sector.” Senay, I Liu, G. Mickel, J. Bialowitz, T. Cort, J.D. Sherman. NEJM Catalyst Innovations in Care Delivery 4, no. 6 (2023).
  • “Creating Shareholder Value by Improving Training and Health and Safety.” Escoffier, B. Herbert, T. Cort, L. Melin. Journal of Impact & ESG Investing (2023).
  • The Sustainable Corporation: A Legal and Business Centric Approach to (ESG).” Miller and T. Cort. American Bar Association (2023).
  • “The Pragmatist’s Guide to ESG.” Cort. Environment: Science and Policy for Sustainable Development 65, no. 4 (2023): 10-17.

Corey Cusimano:

  • “Lay Standards for Reasoning Predict People's Acceptance of Suspect Claims.” Stahl and C. Cusimano. Current Opinions in Psychology 55 (2023).
  • “People Acknowledge and Condone Their Own Morally Motivated Reasoning.” Cusimano and T. Lombrozo. Cognition 234 (2023).

Jennifer Dannals:

  • “How People Deal with Outliers.”E. Dannals and D.M. Oppenheimer. Journal of Behavioral Decision Making 36, no. 3 (2023).
  • The Strategy of Social Change: Support for Black Lives Matter as Advocacy, Solidarity, and Allyship. J.E. Dannals and D.M. Oppenheimer. Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin 49, no. 8 (2023): 1295-1312.

Raphael Duguay:

  • “The Impact of Open Data on Public Procurement.” Duguay, T. Rauter, D. Samuels. Journal of Accounting Research 61, no. 4 (2023): 1159-1224.

Howard Forman:

  • “Cost-Effectiveness of Chimeric Antigen Receptor T-Cell Therapy in Adults with Relapsed or Refractory Follicular Lymphoma.” K.C. Potnis, M. Di, I. Isufi, L. Gowda, S.E. Seropian, F.M. Foss, H.P. Forman, S.F. Hoffman. Blood Advances (2023).
  • “Clinical Implementation of a Combined Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing Quality Assurance Program for Pulmonary Nodules in the Emergency Department Setting.” J. Cavallo, I.D. de Oliveira Santo, J.L. Mezrich, H.P. Forman. JACR (2023).
  • “Clinical Criteria to Exclude Acute Vascular Pathology on CT Angiogram in Patients with Dizziness.”H. Tu, M. Malhotra, A.K. Venkatesh, R.A. Taylor, K.N. Sheth, R. Yaesoubi, H.P. Forman, S. Sureshanand, D. Navaratnam. PLOS ONE (2023).
  • “Industry Payments to Radiologists in the Last 5 Years and Impact of Covid 19 Pandemic.” Khunte, A. Zhong, A. Khunte, P. Sanelli, H. Forman, D. Gandhi, A. Malhotra. JACR (2023).
  • “CT with CTA Versus MRI in Patients Presenting to the Emergency Department with Dizziness: Analysis Using Propensity Score Matching.”H. Tu, D. Navaratnam, E.R. Melnick, H.P. Forman, A.K. Venkatesh, A. Malhotra, R. Yaesoubi, S. Sureshanand, K.N. Sheth, A. Mahajan. AJR (2023).
  • “American College of Radiology Appropriateness Criteria®: A Bibliometric Analysis of Panel Members.” Malhotra, S. Bajaj, T. Garg, M. Khunte, B. Pahwa, X. Wu, S. Payabvash, S. Mukherjee, D. Gandhi, H.P. Forman. Insights into Imaging (2023).
  • Distribution and Disparities of Industry Payments to Radiologists.” Khunte, A. Zhong, X. Wu, S. Payabvash, D. Gandhi, H.P. Forman, A. Malhotra. Academic Radiology (2016–2020).
  • “Accuracy of ChatGPT, Google Bard, and Microsoft Bing for Simplifying Radiology Reports.” Amin, M.A. Davis, R. Doshi, A.H. Haims, P. Khosla, H.P. Forman. Radiology (2023).
  • Characterization of the Landscape of Joint MD/MBA Programs in the US, 2002–2022.” Laditi, W. Sun, H.P. Forman. JAMA Network Open (2023).
  • “No Such Thing as a Free Lunch: The Direct Marginal Costs of Breastfeeding.”E. Mahoney, S.N. Taylor, H.P. Forman. Journal of Perinatology (2023).
  • “Industry Payments and Brand-Name Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitor Use Amid Generic Entry.” Sun, H.P. Forman, J.S. Ross. Clinical Trials (2023).
  • Even in Radiology, Race Matters.P. Forman and M.A. Davis. Radiology (2023).
  • “Artificial Intelligence to Improve Patient Understanding of Radiology Reports.” Amin, P. Khosla, R. Doshi, S. Chheang, H.P. Forman. Yale Journal of Biology and Medicine (2023).

Adriana Germano:

  • Investigating Cortisol in the Classroom: The Association Between Cortisol and Academic Performance.” J. Park, K.M. Turetsky, J.L. Dahl, M.H. Pasek, A.L. Germano, J.O. Harper, V. Purdie-Greenaway, G.L. Cohen, J.E. Cook. Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin (2023).
  • “Does the Follow-Your-Passions Ideology Cause Greater Academic and Occupational Gender Disparities than Other Cultural Ideologies?”O. Siy, A.L. Germano, L. Vianna, J. Azpeitia, S. Yan, A. Montoya, S. Cheryan. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology 125 (2023): 548-570.
  • “Gender Gap in Parental Leave Intentions: Evidence from 37 Countries.”I.T. Olsson et al. Political Psychology 44, no. 6 (2023): 1163-1192.

Stefano Giglio:

  • "Cross-Sectional Uncertainty and the Business Cycle: Evidence from 40 Years of Options Data." Stefano Giglio and Ian Dew-Becker. American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics 15, no. 2 (2023): 65-96.

Paul Goldsmith-Pinkham:

  • “Excess Death Rates for Republican and Democratic Registered Voters in Florida and Ohio during the COVID-19 Pandemic.” Jacob Wallace, Paul Goldsmith-Pinkham, Jason Schwartz. JAMA Internal Medicine (July 2023).
  • “Sea Level Rise and Municipal Bond Yields.” Paul Goldsmith-Pinkham, Matthew Gustafson, Ryan Lewis, Michael Schwert. Review of Financial Studies (May 2023).
  • “The Impact of Large-Scale Social Media Advertising Campaigns on COVID19 Vaccination: Evidence from Two Randomized Controlled Trials.” Lisa Y. Ho, Emily Breza, Marcella Alsan, Abhijit Banerjee, Arun G. Chandrasekhar, Fatima Cody Stanford, Renato Fior, Paul Goldsmith-Pinkham, Kelly Holland, Emily Hoppe, Louis-Mael Jean, Lucy Ogbu-Nwobodo, Benjamin A. Olken, Carlos Torres, Pierre-Luc Vautrey, Erica Warner, Esther Duflo. AER Papers and Proceedings (May 2023).
  • The Gender Gap in Housing Returns.” Paul Goldsmith-Pinkham and Kelly Shue. Journal of Finance (February 2023).

Zeqiong Huang:

  • “Accounting Comparability, Uniformity, and Resource Allocation Efficiency.” Carlos Corona, Zeqiong Huang, Hyun Hwang. The Accounting Review (2023). 

Theis Jensen:

Bryan Kelly:

  • “Financial Machine Learning.” Foundations and Trends.
  • “Is There a Replication Crisis in Finance?” Journal of Finance (2023).
  • “(Re-)Imag (In)Ing Price Trends.” Journal of Finance.
  • “Narrative Asset Pricing: Interpretable Systematic Risk Factors from News Text.” Review of Financial Studies.
  • “Principal Portfolios.” Journal of Finance.
  • “Modeling Corporate Bond Returns.” Journal of Finance.

Balazs Kovacs:

  • Uncovering the Semantics of Concepts Using GPT-4.” Gael Le Mens, Balázs Kovács, Michael T. Hannan, Guillem Pros. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS)120, no. 49 (2023).
  • Documenting the Rise of Anxiety in the United States Across Space and Time by Using Text Analysis of Online Review Data.”Balázs Kovács. Socius 9 (2023): 1-7.
  • “The Stickiness of Category Labels: Audience Perception and Evaluation of Change in Creative Markets.” Balázs Kovács, Greta Hsu, Amanda Sharkey. Management Science (2023).
  • Cosmopolitans and Omnivores in Organizational Audiences.Balázs Kovács and Glenn R. Carroll. Academy of Management Discoveries 9, no. 4 (2023): 549-577.
  • “Heterogeneity and Evolution among Information Intermediaries: Expert Critics, Rankings and Certifications, and Online Review Aggregators.”Amanda Sharkey, Greta Hsu, Balázs Kovács. Academy of Management Annals 17, no. 1 (2023): 1-36.
  • “Using Machine Learning to Uncover the Semantics of Concepts: How Well Do Typicality Measures Extracted from a BERT Text Classifier Match Human Judgments of Genre Typicality?” Gael Le Mens, Balázs Kovács, Michael T. Hannan, Guillem Pros. Sociological Science 10 (2023): 82-117.

Vahideh Manshadi:

  • “Fair Dynamic Rationing.” Vahideh Manshadi, Rad Niazadeh, Scott Rodilitz. Management Science 69, no. 11 (2023): 6417-7150.
  • “Designing Approximately Optimal Search on Matching Platforms.” Nicole Immorlica, Brendan Lucier, Vahideh Manshadi, Alexander Wei. Management Science 69, no. 8 (2023): 4609-4626.
  • “Information Design for Congested Social Services: Optimal Need-Based Persuasion.” Jerry Anunrojwong, Kris Iyer, Vahideh Manshadi. Management Science 69, no. 7 (2023): 3778-3796.
  • “Learning Product Rankings Robust to Fake Users.” Negin Golrezaei, Vahideh Manshadi, Jon Schneider, Shreyas Sekar. Operations Research 71, no. 4 (2023): 1171-1196.

Lesley Meng:

  • “Sociodemographic Disparities in Queue Jumping for Emergency Department Care."B. Sangal, H. Su, H. Khidir, V. Parwani, B. Liebhardt, E.J. Pinker, L. Meng, A.K. Venkatesh, A. Ulrich. JAMA Network Open 6, no. 7 (2023).

Mushfiq Mobarak:

Tobias Moskowitz:

  • “Fact, Fiction, and Factor Investing.” Toby Moskowitz, Michele Aghassi, Cliff Asness, Charles Fattouche. Journal of Portfolio Management 49, no. 2 (2023).
  • “Social Media and Financial News Manipulation.” Toby Moskowitz, Marina Niessner, Shimon Kogan. Review of Finance 27, no. 4 (2023): 1229-1268.
  • Beyond Basis Basics: Liquidity Demand and Deviations from the Law of One Price.” Toby Moskowitz, Todd Hazelkorn, Kaushik Vasudevan. Journal of Finance 78, no. 1 (2023): 301-345.

Anya Nakhmurina:

  • “Financial Constraints and Short-Term Planning Are Linked to Flood Risk Adaptation Gaps in US Cities.” Shirley S. Lu and Anya Nakhmurina. Nature Communications Earth & Environment 5, no. 43 (2024).
  • “Does Fiscal Monitoring Make Better Governments? Evidence from US Municipalities.” Anya Nakhmurina. The Accounting Review (2024): 1-31.

Jayanti Owens:

Taly Reich:

  • “Elasticity of Emotions to Multiple Interpersonal Transgressions.” Evan Polman, Taly Reich, Sam Maglio. Emotion (2023).
  • “Feeling Good or Feeling Right: Sustaining Negative Emotion Following Human Suffering.” Stephanie C. Lind, Taly Reich, Tamar Kreps. Journal of Marketing Research 60, no. 3 (2023): 543-563.
  • “The Biography of Discovery: How Unintentional Discovery of Resources Influences Choice and Preference.” Alexander G. Fulmer and Taly Reich. Journal of Experimental Psychology: General 156, no. 6 (2023): 1671-1689.
  • Unintentional Inception: When a Premium Is Offered to Unintentional Creations.” Alexander Fulmer and Taly Reich. Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin 49, no. 1 (2023): 152-164.

Fiona Scott-Morton:

All in the Yale Journal on Regulation 40, no. 3 (2023).

  • “Consumer Protection for Online Markets and Large Digital Platforms.” Amelia Fletcher et al.
  • “More Competitive Search through Regulation.” Paul Heidhues et al.
  • “Fairness and Contestability in the Digital Markets Act.” Jacques Cremer et al.
  • “Equitable Interoperability: The ‘Super Tool’ of Digital Platform Governance.” Fiona Scott Morton et al.
  • “Market Design for Personal Data.” Dirk Bergemann et al.

Jiwoong Shin:

  • A Model of Product Portfolio Design: Guiding Consumer Search through Brand Positioning.” Tony Ke, Shin Jiwoong, Yu Jungju. Marketing Science 42, no. 6 (2023): 1101-1124.
  • A Theory of Irrelevant Advertising: An Agency-Induced Targeting Inefficiency.”Jiwoong Shin and Woochoel Shin. Management Science 69, no. 8 (2023): 4481-4497.
  • “The Impact of Gig Economy on Product Quality through the Labor Market: Evidence from Ride-sharing and Restaurant Quality.”Minkyu Shin, Jiwoong Shin, Soheil Ghili, Jaehwan Kim. Management Science 69, no. 5 (2023): 2620-2638. 

Kelly Shue:

  • "Do Managers Do Good with Other People’s Money?" Ing-Haw Cheng, Harrison Hong, Kelly Shue. The Review of Corporate Finance Studies 12, no. 3 (2023): 443-487.
  • "The Gender Gap in Housing Returns." Paul Goldsmith‐Pinkham and Kelly Shue. The Journal of Finance 78, no. 2 (2023): 1097-1145.

Deborah Small:

  • “Hot Streak! Inferences and Predictions about Streaks of Goal Adherence.” Jackie Silverman, Alixandra Barasch, Deborah A. Small. Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes 179 (2023).
  • “Common Cents: Merging Bank Accounts Preserves Marital Quality among Newlyweds.” Jenny Olson, Scott I. Rick, Deborah A. Small, Eli J. Finkel. Journal of Consumer Research 50, no. 4 (2023): 704-721.

Edward Snyder:

  • “The Vast Space in which the Vertical Merger Guidelines Lived.” Edward A. Snyder. The Antitrust Bulletin 67, no. 3 (September 2022): 424-433.
  • “Can Four Traders Fix the Price of Money? The Euro-US Dollar Antitrust Litigation.” Edward A. Snyder. In Antitrust Economics at a Time of Upheaval: Competition Policy Cases on Two Continents, edited by John Kwoka, Tommaso M. Valletti, and Lawrence J. White, 361-375. Competition Policy International, 2023.

Matthew Spiegel:

  • “For Corporate Finance to Truly Advance We Need More Genuinely Testable Models.” Matthew The Financial Review 58, no. 4 (2023): 657-661.

K. Sudhir:

  • "Modeling the Price Signaling Effect and Substitution Effect in Consumer Demand for Luxury Goods." Sudhir, Y.A. Yao, Sha Yang. International Journal of Research in Marketing (forthcoming).
  • “Can Random Friends Seed More Buzz and Adoption? Leveraging the Friendship Paradox.” Sudhir and Vineet Kumar. Management Science (forthcoming).
  • “A Structural Model of Entry and Location Choice: The Differentiation-Agglomeration Tradeoff.” Sudhir and Sumon Datta. Customer Needs and Solutions (December 2023).
  • “Privacy Rights and Data Security: GDPR and Personal Data Driven Markets.” Sudhir and Tony Ke. Management Science (August 2023).

Jacob Thomas:

  • “Goodwill Impairments after M&A: Acquisition-Level Evidence.” Jake Thomas and James Potepa. Journal of Financial Reporting 8, no. 2 (2023): 131-155. 

Diana Van Patten:

Tong Wang:

  • "Same-Day Delivery with Fair Customer Service." Xinwei Chen, Tong Wang, Barrett W. Thomas, Marlin W. Ulmer. European Journal of Operational Research308, no. 2 (2023): 738-751.
  • "ProtoryNet - Interpretable Text Classification Via Prototype Trajectories." Dat Hong, Tong Wang, Stephen Baek. Journal of Machine Learning Research24, no. 264 (2023): 1-39.

Edward Watts:

Kevin Williams:

  • “Organizational Structure and Pricing: Evidence from a Large U.S. Airline.” Kevin Williams, Ali Hortaçsu, Olivia Natan, Hayden Parsley, Timothy Schwieg. The Quarterly Journal of Economics (forthcoming).
  • “Demand Estimation with Infrequent Purchases and Small Market Sizes.” Kevin Williams, Ali Hortaçsu, Olivia Natan, Hayden Parsley, Timothy Schwieg. Quantatitive Economics (forthcoming).

Kai Hao Yang:

  • “Regulating Oligopolistic Competition.” Kai Hao Yang and Alexander Zentefis. Journal of Economic Theory (2023).
  • “On the Continuity of Outcomes in a Monopoly Market.” Kai Hao Yang. Journal of Mathematical Economics (2023).

Tauhid Zaman:

  • "Social Media Engagement and Cryptocurrency Performance." Khizar Qureshi and Tauhid Zaman. Plos One 18, no. 5 (2023).
  • "Bots, Disinformation, and the First Impeachment of US President Donald Trump." Michael Rossetti and Tauhid Zaman. Plos One 18, no. 5 (2023).

Frank Zhang:

  • “Using Economic Links between Firms to Detect Accounting Fraud.” Frank Zhang, Chenchen Li, Ningzhong Li. The Accounting Review (2023). 

Jidong Zhou:


Laura Adler:

  • Louis Pondy Best Dissertation Paper Award, Academy of Management OMT Division, 2023
  • Best Dissertation Award, AOM Social Issues in Management Division, 2023
  • AOM William H. Newman Best Dissertation Paper Award, Academy of Management, Finalist, 2023

Tristan Botelho:

  • Best DEIJ Paper, INFORMS

Alexander Burnap:

  • Lead article for journal (awarded by editorial team)

Jennifer Dannals:

  • Early Career Award from the International Association for Conflict Management

Julia DiBenigno:

  • Ned Smith Rising Star Award, Organization and Management Theory Division of the Academy of Management, August 2023
  • Best Symposium Award for "The Worker Perspective on AI across Occupational, Organizational, and Geographic Boundaries," Managerial and Organizational Cognition Division of the Academy of Management, August 2023

Howard Forman:

  • EMBA Healthcare Focus Teacher of the Year Award, 2023

Adriana Germano:

  • Society for Personality and Social Psychology SAGE Emerging Scholar Award

Stefano Giglio:

  • Northwestern University Moskowitz Prize for Sustainable Finance Research, First Prize
  • Northwestern University Moskowitz Prize for Sustainable Finance Research, Honorable Mention
  • Berkeley Haas Sustainable Business Research Prize

Theis Jensen:

  • Dimensional Fund Advisors Prize Distinguished Paper Award

Bryan Kelly:

  • DFA Distinguished Paper Prize for Best Paper in Journal of Finance
  • Best Paper Award, GSU-RFS Fintech Conference

Balazs Kovacs:

  • Academy of Management Research Committee Service Award, 2023 
  • Honorable Mention for the 2023 Robert K. Merton Prize

Vahideh Manshadi:

  • INFORMS Public Sector OR Best Video Award, 2023 
  • INFORMS MIF Paper Competition, 2023 
  • Honorable mention, Doing Good with Good OR Student Paper Competition, 2023 (Student: A. Suresh) 
  • Third place, INFORMS Service Science Best Student Paper Award, 2023 (Student: M.R. Aminian)
  • Featured Article in Management Science (“Information Design for Congested Social Services: Optimal Need-Based Persuasion”)

Mushfiq Mobarak:

Jayanti Owens:

  • Richard Scott Best Article Award, ASA Organizations, Occupations, and Work Section
  • James Coleman Award for Best Article, ASA Sociology of Education Section

Taly Reich:

  • Rising Star (awarded for outstanding teaching), Management Communication Association, 2023

Jiwoong Shin:

  • Thought Leader Award, CIEBS, 2023

Kelly Shue:

  • Q-Group Jack Treynor Prize, 2023
  • Charles Brandes Prize, 2023
  • International Centre for Pension Management Runner-Up Prize, 2023
  • Driehaus Center 2nd Prize for Behavioral Finance Research, 2023

Michael Sinkinson:

  • AEJ Best Paper Award, American Economic Association, 2023

Ted Snyder:

  • Doctor of Economic Sciences (Honorary), University College Dublin, December 13, 2023

K. Sudhir:

  • Best DEIJ Paper Award, Service Science, 2023.
  • ISMS Fellow, for Cumulative Long-Term Contributions to Mission of ISMS (Research, Teaching, Service and Practice), 2023
  • Donald Lehmann Award for Best Dissertation-Based Paper in Journal of Marketing Research, 2023
  • Finalist, Donald Lehmann Award for Best Dissertation-Based Paper in Journal of Marketing Research, 2023
  • Finalist, Long Term Impact (over the previous ten years) Award, Marketing Science, 2023
  • Finalist, Frank M. Bass Dissertation Paper Award, Marketing Science, 2023

Kosuke Uetake:

  • Best Poster Paper Award, Japan Institute of Marketing Science
  • Innovation and Competition Policy Working Group Committee, Japan Fair Trade Commission

Tong Wang:

  • INFORMS Data Mining Best Paper Award (General Track), 2023, (“Sparse and Faithful Explanations without Sparse Models”)
  • NSF Award: Collaborative Research: SCH: Bimodal Interpretable Multi-Instance Medical Image Classification: A Scalable Pretraining and Finetunning Approach by Deep AUC Loss Maximization

Edward Watts:

  • Jacobs Levy Center Research Prize for Outstanding Paper
  • European Financial Management Best Paper Award: Editors Vote
  • Journal of Accounting ResearchExcellence in Refereeing Award