Yale School of Management

Video: Chef Dave Takes Students on a Virtual Cooking Tour of the World

Usually when Yale SOM executive chef David Kuzma cooks, there are dozens of students lined up to get a helping of his food. When Chef Dave whips up a meal these days, the queue is virtual—but students still get a chance to taste his creations. 

Starting last fall, when Chef Dave held an online cooking course on pizza, he has been teaching Yale SOM students how to master classics from across the globe: dim sum, arepas, biryani, chakalaka and pap, gumbo, and even Thanksgiving dinner. The classes give him an opportunity to share his skills with a student body eager to learn how to cook more than pasta and microwavable meals, he says: “I have been finding joy in gathering around the ‘virtual’ table with SOM students by leading engaging cooking classes. These unique events have been well received by students—who not only enjoy learning tips and tricks, but also relish in the feeling of community, with a side of witty banter.”