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Recent Faculty Publications

A roundup of faculty publications since July 2020.

Lorenzo Caliendo

  • Lorenzo Caliendo, Giordano Mion, Luca D. Opromolla, Esteban Rossi-Hansberg. “Productivity and Organization in Portuguese Firms”.  Journal of Political Economy, (2020) 128(11).

Kerwin Charles

  • Kerwin Charles, D. Mark Anderson, Ryan Brown, Daniel I. Rees. “Occupational Licensing and Maternal Health: Evidence from Early Midwifery Laws and Maternal Mortality”. Journal of Political Economy, November 2020, Vol. (128) (11). 

Judith Chevalier

Julia DiBenigno

  • Satterstrom, P., Kerrissey, M., and DiBenigno, J. 2020. “The Voice Cultivation Process: How Team Members Can Help Upward Voice Live on to Implementation”. Administrative Science Quarterly.

Raphael Duguay

  • Duguay, R., Minnis, M., & Sutherland, A. (2020). “Regulatory spillovers in common audit markets”. Management Science, 66(8), 3389-3411.

William English

  • English, William, Liang, Nellie J. (2020). “Designing the Main Street Lending Program: Challenges and Options”. Journal of Financial Crises 2.

Soheil Ghili

  • Klibanoff, Peter, Ghili, Soheil i. (2020). “If it is surely better, do it more? Implications for preferences under ambiguity”.  Management Science.

Paul Goldsmith-Pinkham

Edward Kaplan

Bryan Kelly

  • B. Kelly, B. Herskovic, H. Lustig,S. Van Nieuwerburgh. “Firm Volatility in Granular Networks”. Journal of Political Economy. Dec 2020.

Sang Kim

Balazs Kovacs

  • Jerker Denrell, Balazs Kovacs (2020) “The Ecology of Management Concepts”. Strategy Science 5(4):293–310.
  • Balazs Kovacs, Glenn R. Carroll, and David W. Lehman (2020) “Grading in Restaurant Hygiene Inspections: The Effects of Social Ties with Inspectors”. Food Policy 97:101960-101971.

 Barry Nalebuff

  • Nalebuff, Barry. (June 10, 2020). “A Perspective-Invariant Approach to Nash Bargaining”. Management Science. 
  • Doria, Matthew, Nalebuff, Barry* (September 2020). “Measuring competitive balance in sports”. Journal of Quantitative Analysis in Sport.
  • Adam Brandenburger, Barry Nalebuff. “The Rules of Co-opetition”. Harvard Business Review. Publication Date: January 01, 2021

Kosuke Uetake

 Edward Watts

Amy Wrzesniewski

  • Sangal, R. B., Wrzesniewski, A., DiBenigno, J., Reid, E., Ulrich, A., Liebhardt, B., Bray, A., Yang, E., Eun, E., Venkatesh, A. K., & King, M. (2020). “Work team identification associated with less stress and burnout among front-line emergency department staff amid the COVID-19 pandemic”. BMJ Leader.

Tauhid Zaman

  • Nicolas Guenon des Mesnards, David Scott Hunter; Zakaria el Hjouji, Tauhid Zaman. “Detecting Bots and Assessing Their Impact in Social Networks” in Operations Research. 16 Dec 2020.

Gal Zauberman

  • Makov, Tamar, George E. Newman, and Gal Zauberman. (2020). “Inconsistent allocations of harms versus benefits may exacerbate environmental inequality”. Proceedings of the National Academy of Science.  117 (16) 8820-8824
  • Berman, Jonathan Z., ⁠ Amit Bhattacharjee, Deborah A. Small, and Gal Zauberman. (2020). “Passing the buck to the wealthier: Reference-dependent standards of generosity”.  Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes. 157, 46–56.

Frank Zhang

  • Frank Zhang, Shuai Shao, Robert Stoumbos. “The power of firm fundamentals in explaining stock returns”. Review of Accounting Studies, Jan 7, 2021.


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