CFA Institute and Financial Times Highlight Ranji Nagaswami ’86

In a feature published on November 29, the CFA Institute and the Financial Times highlight Ranji Nagaswami ’86 and her long career at the nexus of business and society. 

Today the CEO of Hirtle, Callaghan & Co., Nagaswami began her career managing investments at UBS Asset Management and AllianceBernstein. In 2010, she left the private sector to become New York City’s chief investment advisor, leading overhauls of asset allocation and governance for the city’s pension funds. 

More recently, Nagaswami helped to found the Finance Leaders Fellowship at the Aspen Institute, which gathers finance leaders for a series of seminars over two years, focused on the use of finance to benefit society. 

“I want to create a generation of leaders who feel the responsibility to use finance in the right ways,” says Nagaswami in the feature.

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