Yale School of Management

Yale SOM Joins Four Other Global Business Schools to Launch Dual-Degree Master’s Programs 

This fall, Yale SOM and four other top business schools are launching the M2M, a portfolio of double degrees giving recent university graduates the opportunity to complete two master’s degrees by attending two top business schools in two different countries over two years. Yale will offer the newly created Master of Management Studies in Global Business and Society as the second year of an M2M dual degree.

This initiative is an effort by leading business schools on multiple continents to meet the demands of a globalized economy and provide future business leaders with a distinctive learning experience that will accelerate their careers.

The M2M programs are a collaboration among five schools: FGV Escola de Administração de Empresas de São Paulo, HEC Paris, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Business School (HKUST), Sauder School of Business University of British Columbia, and Yale SOM. 

The five participating schools are all members of the Global Network for Advanced Management, a network of top business schools committed to educating global leaders through collaboration and innovation.

Six M2M double degrees are available as of September 2017 for student applications: FGV-Yale, HEC-FGV, HEC-HKUST, HEC-Yale, HKUST-Yale, and Sauder-Yale. After they complete both academic years, students will graduate with two master’s degrees, one from each school they attended. Graduates will be alumni of both schools and will have access to both schools’ career resources.

Clockwise from left: the campuses of Yale SOM, HEC Paris, Sauder School of Business, HKUST, and FGV.

Yale SOM has created a new degree program, the Master of Management Studies in Global Business and Society, which will be available as the second year of an M2M dual degree. The Yale GBS program will combine a slate of specifically designed courses with electives from across the School of Management and the broader Yale University to cultivate young leaders who can apply rigorous management skills to tackle the biggest issues facing business and society. The Yale GBS program is also open to select students graduating from master in management programs at other Global Network for Advanced Management schools. The inaugural class will enter the Yale GBS program in the fall of 2018.

The M2M and the Yale GBS program give ambitious students an unparalleled advantage by grounding them in the distinctive academic cultures and approaches of two top business schools in different countries, while preparing them for global roles. Students get the chance to study alongside peers from all continents with diverse experiences. They will benefit from curricular and extracurricular collaborations among the schools, highly personalized career services, and the networks of two global business schools. 

David Bach, deputy dean of Yale SOM, says that the M2M is all about choice: “Whatever pathway students choose, young leaders who are interested in having impact throughout their careers will quickly develop skills that set them apart in the global marketplace, while building a deep network of like-minded peers around the world. The world needs more globally minded leaders, not fewer, and with this initiative we seek to positively impact organizations confronting challenging issues at the nexus of business and society.”

Peter Todd, dean of HEC Paris, says, “The innovation here is to go to the market with a range of world-class academic partners sharing joint admission processes and aiming at recruiting together a significant number of students. We are convinced that this offer meets the demand of growing numbers of extremely talented and globally mobile students who target prestigious double degree programs as passports for international careers.”

Deans Edward A. Snyder (Yale SOM), Robert Helsley (Sauder), Peter Todd (HEC Paris), Luiz Artur Ledur Brito (FGV), and Kar Yan Tam (HKUST) at the Global Network for Advanced Management 5th Anniversary Symposium in April 2017